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Senator Mikulski Pledges to fight to restore Senate-funded initiatives

"Specifically, Senator Mikulski is frustrated with cuts to critical investments proposed by the Senate for fisheries disasters, Byrne formula grants administered through the Department of Justice (DOJ), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and National Science Foundation (NSF)."

Chairwoman Mikulski Focuses on Community Security and Competitiveness in CJS Spending Bill

"The bill provides $17.8 billion for NASA, $200 million above the President's request."

Editor's note: Rep. Obey has all but conceded that the only appropriations bills that he will allow to move to a floor vote are Defense and perhaps Homeland Security. The common consensus is that the rest of the agencies will see their budgets bundled into a Continuting Resolution. As such, all of the budget increases that are being tossed around are seen more as more guidance for the next Adminstration than the current one. Whether these numbers end up in budgets is TBD.

Letter From IFPTE to House and Senate Appropriators Regarding NASA's Budget

"As both House and Senate Appropriators prepare for the full-committee mark-up of their respective Commerce, Justice and Science (CJS) appropriations measures, the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE), NASA's largest Union, would like to thank House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey for his decision to increase the CJS allocation, and House CJS Subcommittee Chairman Allan Mollohan for his decision to use almost $200 million of that increase to begin the restoration of NASA's Science, Aeronautics, and Education programs."

NASA popular, but tax hike for funding isn't, poll finds

"Key arguments being made by supporters of increased NASA funding are not resonating with the American public, a new Gallup Poll released Tuesday found. The poll conducted for a business group called the Coalition for Space Exploration found that voters strongly approve of the venerable space agency's work but are reluctant to pay more taxes to finance new initiatives."

A bad cut, editorial, Houston Chronicle

"In its 50-year history, NASA has made the United States the world's leader in space exploration, research and innovation, and has perfected technology and advances that have become part of daily living. Now, other nations are closing the technological gap, and the administration should encourage, not obstruct, NASA's continued vitality. After all, the war in Iraq is costing American taxpayers $3 billion a week. The White House is objecting to a NASA budget increase of $2.6 billion. That looks like quite a bargain in comparison."



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