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To the moon, NASA? Not on this budget, experts say, AP

"NASA has been like a star athlete that's broken world records back in the 1960s and is stuck in the bleachers ever since, unable to suit up for what it does best," said space scientist Alan Stern, who quit last year as NASA's associate administrator for science. But, as has been the case since about 1971, money is holding engineers back, Stern said. "Bush never delivered on his promise to up NASA's funding," Stern said. He added that the previous NASA administrator "tried cannibalizing NASA (to pay for exploration) but that wasn't enough."

Giffords on NASA 's Budget

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Statement on Threats to NASA's Budget

"The Augustine panel is telling us something we already knew -- that NASA's exploration program has been starved for funding and the good work being done by NASA's civil servants and contractors risks being undone by shortsighted bean-counting.

Congress has spoken with near unanimity over the past four years in support of a robust initiative to explore our solar system, including utilization of the International Space Station and a return to the Moon on our way to other destinations. To achieve this goal, however, we need a sustained national commitment, including adequate funding."



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