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Governors Riley, Barbour and Jindal Announce Launch of The Aerospace Alliance, The Aerospace Alliance

"Governor Bob Riley (R-AL), Governor Haley Barbour (R-MS), and Governor Bobby Jindal (R- LA) today announced the launch of The Aerospace Alliance, a 501(c)(6) private/public organization that will establish the Gulf Coast and surrounding region as a world class aerospace, space and aviation corridor. The announcement was made before hundreds of supporters at an event in Bay Minette, Alabama."

Florida Lawmakers Tout Northwest Florida as Aerospace, Aviation Center, The Aerospace Alliance

"U.S. Sens. Bill Nelson and George LeMieux said today the Northwest Florida region is destined to become a world-class home for new aviation and aerospace jobs."

Greason: It's time to base U.S. space policy on the "truth", Orlando Sentinel

"OS: Now, let me put something to you that has been put to me. I don't necessarily agree with it but it is a sentiment that is out there. By not finding anything useful the U.S. can do in space for NASA's current human space flight budget of $7 billion or $8 billion a year, the committee failed. What's your reaction to that sentiment?

JG: It's not failure to point out truth. The truth is the truth. And it is high time that national space policy was made on the basis of truth and not on the basis of convenience. It is not true to say that we found there is nothing NASA can do within its current budget. There are two options laid out in the report that NASA can do with its current budget. What we did not find was a way for NASA to do significant human exploration beyond low Earth orbit in the near term with this current budget. And I don't like that answer either but that is not going to change it."

Doing More With Less

NASA considering job cuts - Reduction tied to manned flights may affect Johnson Space Center jobs, Houston Chronicle

"NASA is considering cutting as much as 20 percent of its employee costs on the manned space program -- including jobs at Houston's Johnson Space Center -- in hopes of salvaging money for ambitious back-to-the-moon plans, NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver has told contractors for the agency. The effort by Garver, a Clinton-era NASA official known for her willingness to shake things up, could potentially reap savings of $1.5 billion to $2 billion annually over the next two years on space operations and acquisition of the next generation spacecraft. "

NASA takes issue with story, Houston Chronicle

"In "NASA considering job cuts" (Page A1, Thursday), the Houston Chronicle incorrectly reported that NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver told contractors that the agency "is considering cutting as much as 20 percent of its employee costs on the manned space program." Garver has not initiated any discussions with NASA contractors in an effort to reduce jobs. In fact, it was the contractor community that first approached NASA with ideas on how it could restructure existing work to reduce costs.

The article also suggested that as much as $2 billion could be saved. NASA has not attached any specific cost-reduction targets as a part of ongoing assessments of future exploration activities. The report's presumption that NASA is proactively asking contractors to cut jobs is unfortunate and incorrect, and the article assumes that the end result will have a negative impact on our work force when the opposite is possible. No specific actions will be considered until the White House makes a final decision regarding the future of human spaceflight.

Robert Jacobs, assistant administrator for public affairs (acting) NASA headquarters, Washington, D.C."

Statement of Administration Policy: H.R. 2847 -- Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010 (NASA excerpt)

"National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The Administration is concerned with the reduction of $670 million from the President's FY 2010 request for Exploration Systems. This large reduction would likely cause major negative impacts to any options that may emerge from the ongoing blue ribbon review of U.S. human space flight plans. The Administration appreciates the Committee's strong support for the NASA Earth science program, which advances the President's goal of deploying a global climate change research and monitoring system. ..."



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