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AIP FYI: FY 2013 Appropriations Committee Reports: NASA

"Not surprisingly, considering the size of NASA's budget and its wide range of programs, the appropriators included extensive language in the House and Senate reports accompanying the funding bills regarding NASA. This FYI provides report language regarding the agency's science program. Language within each report on all programs stands, unless there is a conflict that will be resolved in the final conference report. This final conference report, likely to be written in late fall, will also resolve differences in recommended funding levels."

Chairman Hall Statement on Passage of Science Appropriations Bill

"Importantly, this bill maintains development of a new heavy-lift launch system and crew capsule. It maintains a healthy space science enterprise, continues to support innovative aeronautics research, and funds the Administration's commercial crew program at the authorized level of $500 million. Our Committee will continue to provide oversight of the commercial crew program and work with Appropriators to support a program that has the best chance to succeed on schedule, with appropriate safeguards for the crew, and with the best use of taxpayer dollars."

NASA Budget Takes $126M Hit on House Floor, Space News

"But by midnight, the House voted 206 to 204 to adopt an amendment offered by Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.) to take $126 million out of NASA's Cross Agency Support account -- which covers overhead at the agency's nine government-run field centers -- and move it to the Justice Department's COPS community policing program. With the additional cut, NASA would see its budget shrink by $324 million -- a 1.8 percent drop compared to 2012."

Keith's note: Congressional sources report that some people had a problem getting in touch with NASA Legislative Affairs AA Seth Statler during recent House budget deliberations. These sessions are seen as crucial hand-to-hand combat - a time when the Code L AA is expected to be in the trenches ready to work behind the scenes at a moment's notice.

White House promises veto of GOP spending bill, AP

"The White House on Monday vowed to veto a House spending bill for the Justice Department, NASA and several other agencies, charging its GOP authors with violating last summer's budget pact and cutting programs like legal aid to the poor too deeply."

White House threatens veto on Commerce, Justice spending bill, The Hill

"The White House has said that Obama will sign none of the 12 annual spending bills, even if they make it through the Democratic Senate, unless the House GOP abandons its overall budget plans."

Statement of Administration Policy H.R. 5326 (NASA excerpt)

"The Administration strongly opposes the level of funding provided for the commercial crew program, which is $330 million below the FY 2013 Budget request, as well as restrictive report language that would eliminate competition in the program. This would increase the time the United States will be required to rely solely on foreign providers to transport American astronauts to and from the space station. While the Administration appreciates the overall funding level provided to NASA, the bill provides some NASA programs with unnecessary increases at the expense of other important initiatives."



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