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Canada Heads To The Moon

A Canadian astronaut will be on the first NASA Artemis mission to the Moon , SpaceQ

"So I'm excited that a Canadian will be on Artemis II. But what I'm telling you about with all these other opportunities is that we are paving the way to Canadians doing even more things in space, eventually, hopefully one day Canadian on the Moon, and on Mars, those are our goals. And we believe in the trickle down effects from them."

NASA, Canadian Space Agency Formalize Gateway Partnership for Artemis Program, NASA

"Under this agreement, CSA will provide the Gateway's external robotics system, including a next-generation robotic arm, known as Canadarm3. CSA also will provide robotic interfaces for Gateway modules, which will enable payload installation including that of the first two scientific instruments aboard the Gateway. The agreement also marks NASA's commitment to provide two crew opportunities for Canadian astronauts on Artemis missions, one to the Gateway and one on Artemis II."



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