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Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) announced this week that they would shoot for a September launch for the next flight of their Falcon 9 rocket. Space Florida announced it had signed an agreement with a United Kingdom group to help further international commercial space cooperation. Over at OPF-3, Discovery was being readied for what could be her final flight. This week also marks the anniversary of rockets exploring the heavens from Cape Canaveral.

This week at Cape Canaveral the final shuttle mission's external tank arrived. The Air Force announced that the launch of an Atlas V rocket at months' end would slip to August and Orbital would like to launch astronauts from the Cape. This week in Cape History focuses on Apollo 11.

This week at Cape Canaveral saw a whirlwind of activity regarding the end of shuttle era and the future of NASA. A forum was held with the express purpose to generate ideas to find ways to diversify the Central Florida economic base. Astronauts trained at Kennedy Space Center for (currently) the next-to-last shuttle mission in the shuttle program. In a sign of the rebirth of 'launch row' - another launch complex has been approved to return to business meanwhile in a sign of the times hundreds of shuttle workers were informed of impending lay offs. It was also announced that a former Melbourne teacher, now an astronaut, has been assigned an upcoming slot aboard the International Space Station.

This week at Cape Canaveral saw the red, white and blue honored by one of the most historic of American traditions. It also saw local leaders both working to improve the economic future of the Space Coast region and acknowledging the benefits of the shuttle era extending into another year.



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