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CEV Phase II RFP Released

NASA Refines Design for Crew Exploration Vehicle

"NASA's Constellation Program is making progress toward selecting a prime contractor to design, develop and build the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV), America's first new human spacecraft in 30 years."

Reader comment: Actually, wouldn't SpaceShipOne be America's first new spacecraft in so many years?

X-38 Fact Sheet, DFRC

"The wingless CRV, when operational, would be the first reusable human spacecraft to be built in more than two decades."

Editor's note: How quickly NASA forgets its own hype. Indeed, it does so again and again:

Reader comment: "With regard to the X-38 quote: Space Shuttle Endeavour was delivered in 1991."

NASA ESAS Final Report November 2005: TEXT OF FULL REPORT

Editor's note: Several days ago we posted a final (October 2005) draft of this report. We have since come across the final version of the report (November 2005) which has recently been approved by NASA Administrator Michael Griffin. In order to present the most accurate version of this report, we have removed the draft version and replaced it with the final version of the report. NASA is expected to publicly release this report in early January 2006.



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