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GAO Doubts About CEV

GAO Report: NASA: Sound Management and Oversight Key to Addressing Crew Exploration Vehicle Project Risks

"NASA cannot develop a firm cost estimate for the exploration program at this time because the program is in its early stages. The changes that have occurred to the program over the past year and the resulting refinement of its cost estimates are indicative of the evolving nature of the program. While changes are appropriate at this stage of the program, they leave the agency unable to firmly identify program requirements and needed resources and, therefore, not in the position to make a long term commitment to the program."

NASA Defends Orion Contract Award - GAO: Too Many Design, Risk Unknowns for Such a Long-Range Contract, House Science Committee

"However, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) said too many outstanding questions regarding vehicle design needs and project risks remain unanswered and that NASA should have pursued a series of shorter-term contracts with clear milestones for completion."

NASA JSC Award Notice: Design, Development, Test and Evaluation (DDT&E) of Project Orion

Contract Award Amount: 4635932174
Contractor: Lockheed Martin, 12257 State Hwy 121, Littleton, CO 80127-8503

CEV Hearing Notes

Editor's note: GAO's Allen Li cited a $230 billion cost over two decades for VSE, said that he was disappointed at NASA's initial response to GAO's reccommendations, and that he still feels that NASA has gone further than he thinks it should have gone in making contractual committments for the CEV in lieu of firm cost estimates.

Editor's note: If you look at the high resolution version of this photo of the Expedition 14 crew and Anousheh Ansari eating, you will see a small scale model of Russia's proposed Soyuz replacement "Klipper" on the Service Module cabin wall to the right of Yuri Gagarin.

Of course, if you look at the high resolution version of this image above Pavel Vinogradov's head - and to the right of the Army pennant - you will see a scale model of Orion's command module.

Boehlert: NASA will try to shorten gap between manned space programs, AP

"The chairman of the House science committee says he expects NASA will be able to reduce the projected gap between the final space shuttle mission and the first flight of the next-generation Orion space exploration vehicle."

Science and NASA - Speech by NASA Administrator Michael Griffin

"Orion will not be operational until FY14, the last year allowed by Presidential policy guidance. It had been hoped by many in NASA, the White House, and Congress that we could deploy Orion as early as 2012."

CEV Decision Document Ranks LM Ahead In Mission Suitability, Cost, Past Performance, Aerospace Daily & Defense

"A source selection document explaining NASA's rationale for choosing Lockheed Martin to build the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) says the aerospace giant bested rival Northrop Grumman/Boeing's bid in the areas of mission suitability, cost, and past performance."

CEV NEPA Assessment

National Environmental Policy Act: Development of the Crew Exploration Vehicle

"Alternatives considered but not evaluated further included extending Space Shuttle service and weighing different CEV concepts. Refurbishing the Space Shuttle for long-term cargo delivery and human access to the International Space Station was considered impractical. Major modifications to the Shuttle's design to improve crew safety significantly (e.g., a crew escape system) cannot be implemented easily. Moreover, the Shuttle was not designed to withstand the Earth re-entry speeds of a Lunar mission. If flights were to be extended beyond the planned retirement in 2010, the fleet would require recertification, a costly and lengthy process. Moreover, the President has decided to curtail Shuttle operations after 2010."



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