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Marshall engineers set to refine rocket design, Huntsville Times

"We aren't even through with the design yet," he said. "There's no vehicle on a launch pad, and I'm confident by the time the Ares is stacked, it will have the power there the day we go fly it."

Editor's note: If the Ares 1 indeed has the power it needs to loft Orion, one would think that Dave King would be clamoring to say so. Since he doesn't say so, one has to assume that this is still an issue being worked.

Orion On Track But Overweight; Funding Crunch Could Hit In '07, Aerospace Daily

"NASA's Orion crew exploration vehicle remains on schedule to carry humans to the International Space Station no later than 2014, and possibly earlier, but it will need to go on a New Year's diet to lose about 3,000 pounds of excess weight."

Big Problems With the Stick, NASA Watch

"Sources inside the development of the Ares 1 launch vehicle (aka Crew Launch Vehicle or "The Stick") have reported that the current design is underpowered to the tune of a metric ton or more. As currently designed, Ares 1 would not be able to put the present Orion spacecraft design (Crew Exploration Vehicle) into the orbit NASA desires for missions to the ISS."

Rep. Boehlert Asks OMB for Additional Science Funding in FY 2008, Stresses Importance of ACI

"Last, but not least, NASA needs additional funding if it is to move ahead with both the Vision for Space Exploration and the space science, earth science and aeronautics research required by the NASA Authorization Act of 2005. There is no reason to launch the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle before 2014, and there is every reason to retire the Space Shuttle in 2010, as planned."

NASA To Evaluate Non-recoverable First Stage for Ares I Launch Vehicle, SpaceRef

"Some of the people working on the design of NASA's new Ares I launch vehicle want to delete the requirement to recover and reuse the rocket's first stage. The reason: the weight of hardware required to make recovery possible - and practical. One of the main attributes of the current Ares I design is the use of a Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) - one that has a common heritage with proven hardware from the Space Shuttle program. This commonality and reliability is regularly touted as one of the Ares I's current advantages over other possible launch systems."

GRC Gets Busy on the CLV

Ares I boosts NASA Glenn, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"The completion of a prototype tuna can at Glenn in mid-October - with production models to come next year - is an early sign that NASA's ambitious new exploration plan is moving into high gear. The $34 million project also shows the Cleveland center is back in the thick of the nation's space flight program."



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