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NASA Seeks To Set the Record Straight on Ares 1 and Orion, SpaceRef

"Last week, NASA's Associate Administrator for Exploration Systems Mission Directorate (ESMD), Scott Horowitz, sat down with reporters to discuss the Ares 1 and Orion programs.

The impetus for this briefing, according to Horowitz, were recent stories - of varying accuracy - regarding weight and performance issues."

Editor's note: ESMD AA Scott Horowitz held a media briefing at NASA HQ today to discuss the Ares 1 and Orion projects.

Topics covered included Ares 1 performance, weight margins, Orion design, possible changes in booster design, and testing of the Orion spacecraft on both the Ares I - and possibly - the study concept vehicle dubbed by some as "Ares IV".

Horowitz presented several charts that illustrate the Ares 1 design process and weight, performance, and programmatic margin status.

Ares I Upper Stage Update

Ares I Upper Stage Production Presolicitation Conference Charts are online here.

Griffin Says NASA Will Protect CEV, Station Against Flat-Budget Squeeze, Aviation Now

"We will find what we believe are the lowest priority half-billion dollars in content, and we'll extract it, across the agency," he says, stressing that does not mean programs at the core of the redirected U.S. space program as defined by President Bush almost three years ago. "I will do everything I can to keep Orion and Ares I on schedule," he says. "That will be right behind keeping shuttle and station on track, and then after that we'll fill up the bucket with our other priorities."

Editor's note: This morning, at a breakfast sponsored by the Space Transportation Association, I asked Mike Griffin if NASA was working on any designs or plans for an alternate way to get Orion - and humans into orbit. Specifically, I asked if NASA was working on an alternative to the Ares I. Griffin said, rather emphatically, "No". Griffin's answer seems to contradict a variety of supposedly authoritative rumors suggesting that NASA is indeed seeking alternatives. Stay tuned.

Editor's note: Update from the Sklab Restoration Project: "We received a request for data about the Multiple Docking Adapter (MDA) docking ports from the Orion project at JSC. The MDA docking port may serve as a guide or model (even a good starting point) for Orion's passive docking capability. Skylab's grid decking is servicing as a guide for a new way to mount avionics for Ares 1. It's good to see the Constellation program is drawing on Skylab."

NASA MSFC Solicitation: Ares I Upper Stage Production

"This pre-solicitation notice coincides with the release of a Draft RFP issued for Industry comments. The response due date identified in this synopsis is for the comments to the Draft RFP. Detailed information on the process to submit comments are contained in the attached DRFP cover letter. The anticipated release date of the final RFP is on or about Feb 23, 2007 with an anticipated proposal due date in accordance with the information provided in the Draft RFP."

"Ares I Launch - June 2011
Orion 3 (First Human Flight) Launch - October 2013"

NASA Completes Review Milestone for Ares I Launch Vehicle

"The review process also identifies technical and management challenges, and addresses ways to reduce potential risks as the project goes forward."

Orion On Track But Overweight; Funding Crunch Could Hit In '07, Aerospace Daily

"NASA's Orion crew exploration vehicle remains on schedule to carry humans to the International Space Station no later than 2014, and possibly earlier, but it will need to go on a New Year's diet to lose about 3,000 pounds of excess weight."

Big Problems With the Stick, NASA Watch

"Sources inside the development of the Ares 1 launch vehicle (aka Crew Launch Vehicle or "The Stick") have reported that the current design is underpowered to the tune of a metric ton or more. As currently designed, Ares 1 would not be able to put the present Orion spacecraft design (Crew Exploration Vehicle) into the orbit NASA desires for missions to the ISS."



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