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NASA Modifies Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle Contract

NASA Announces Orion Contract Modification - Delivery Delayed, Tests Added, Cargo Vehicle Dropped

"Late this afternoon NASA announced that it was making a significant modification to the Orion development contract with Lockheed Martin. The announcement of the modification, at a total cost of $385 million, was formally released at 4:00 pm, after Wall Street had shut down for the day."

Size-conscious NASA will need astronauts who fit the profile, USA Today

"Size does matter - especially to NASA. As early as 2009, applicants to the astronaut corps will face new size limits, including on weight and sitting height. That's a result of NASA's plan to retire the space shuttle in 2010 and switch entirely to smaller vehicles. The exact limits haven't been determined because new vehicles are still in development."

The Growing Gap

Space Gap Flight Worries NASA, AP/Time

"NASA had hoped to have the first manned Orion flight as early as 2012. That would be a low-orbit test flight. But that goal was pushed back to 2014 when NASA had to raid the Orion development fund to fill in a $3 billion shortfall for finishing space station construction and ending the shuttle program. Repairs to NASA buildings damaged by Hurricane Katrina also siphoned off money. Space agency officials said the 2007 budget would remove more than $500 million from what NASA had budgeted for developing the new spacecraft, pushing the first manned flight of Orion into March 2015. A moon landing is scheduled for no later than 2020."



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