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Editor's note: There are a lot of rumors swirling around about Ares I redesigns - specifcially, its upper stage. According to NASA ESMD PAO today: "NASA has no plans to redesign the Ares I or upperstage. In fact, yesterday we successfully completed the systems definition review for the upperstage, clearing us to proceed to the preliminary design review which is scheduled for later in 2008. We will be conducting a similar board meeting on the Ares I system next week."

SRB/Ares I Design Issues?

Space Shuttle Integration Lessons Learned, Boeing (PDF)

"Lesson - In spite of the relative configuration simplicity of the Ares I, L/O loads may be a significant design issue due to direct load path between the SRB and the upper stage"

Animation depicting an Ares V launch and the deployment of a very large telescope.

Video below.



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