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Editor's 3:00 pm EST note: Multiple sources report that CEV Project Manager Skip Hatfield is being replaced by Deputy Constellation Program Manager Mark Geyer. Awaiting PAO confirmation.

Editor's 5:19 pm EST update: In response to an inquiry made by, NASA Public Affairs says that Orion Project Manager Skip Hatfield is going to become the Special Assistant to the Program Manager for Technical Integration in the International Space Station Program. Hatfield will be replaced in his current position by Deputy Constellation Program Manager Mark Geyer. Lawrence (Dale) Thomas will become the new acting Deputy Manager for the Constellation Program.

House Committee on Science and Technology Chairman Reacts to GAO Report on NASAs Planned Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle

"GAO's assessment is a mix of good news and not-so-good news," said Gordon. "On the one hand, GAO has concluded that NASA is taking steps to demonstrate that the Ares I project is achievable within the constraints that the project faces. On the other hand, GAO has identified a number of significant challenges that will have to be overcome if the project is to succeed."

NASA - Agency Has Taken Steps Toward Making Sound Investment Decisions for Ares I but Still Faces Challenging Knowledge Gaps, GAO-08-51

"GAO recommends NASA establish a sound business case for Ares I before proceeding beyond preliminary design review (now set for July 2008), and if necessary, delay the preliminary design review until the project's readiness to move forward is demonstrated."

Ares 1 Problems

First Stage Design Problems Arise For NASA's Ares 1 Rocket, SpaceRef

"NASA has run into some problems with the design of its new Ares 1 launch vehicle - problems that could affect its ability (as designed) to safely launch its human cargo into space. According to NASA sources, the Ares 1 first stage, as currently designed, would produce a frequency of 25 Hz at liftoff. The concern is that this oscillation could shake the Ares 1 upper stage and Orion capsule designed to carry human passengers, causing considerable damage and that it could also adversely affect the Guidance, Navigation, and Control avionics in the rocket's Instrumentation Unit."

Editor's note: According to NASA ESMD PAO:

"the Ares I first stage PDR has been moved to late summer or early fall of 2008 in order to better synchronize first stage activities with those at the vehicle system level and Constellation Program schedules, but this change is not expected to affect any test flight dates."

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Ares Reference Configuration A-103 Rev A (Graphic)



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