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"The program has built considerable momentum in the past 12 months and indeed over the last three years since we stood up as a team. We've done it for a fraction of the cost in people and resources compared to Apollo, shuttle and station through this phase. We've done it while the same supporting institutions execute our other two human spaceflight programs. We've done it with focus and resolve to transition shuttle workforce and assets to the new program in the smartest way possible. We've done it -- done it all -- with the Moon as our goal. "Design for lunar" has guided our every move, our every decision, within the bounds of what we can fiscally afford through these lean years until shuttle is retired. I know you all have seen the public discourse regarding Ares and Orion and shuttle, and understandably such discourse can temper our resolve to push forward -- if we let it."

Transcript of interview with President Bush, Star Telegram

"And so my first purpose on the NASA issue was to develop a mission that would excite the scientists, the employees, and the Congress. That has been accomplished."

Editor's note: And as far as what the remaining 99.99% of the population wants ... ? Oh yes, the rocket is named "Ares".

"Q: Can I ask about a parochial Houston subject -- NASA?


Q: Over the last eight years, they've had to make some decisions on priorities and spending. I was wondering how you assess how well NASA has done during your presidency and what do you think lies ahead for space exploration, and particularly manned space exploration.

Ares V Update

NASA Seeks Concept Proposals for Ares V Heavy Lift Rocket

"On Monday, Jan. 5, NASA issued a request for proposal for the Ares V rocket that will perform heavy lift and cargo functions as part of the next generation of spacecraft that will return humans to the moon. The request is for Phase I concept definition and requirements development for the Ares V rocket. The request for proposal defines the procurement approach for Phase I of the Ares V acquisition. The contract work will include developing products to enable NASA to successfully complete the system requirements review and system definition review, critical milestones in the development of the rocket. Completion of the system definition review will verify the design concept and demonstrate mission objectives can be met."

Editor's note: (sigh) A lot of people are now spending a lot of time working on proposals that will all too soon be overcome by post-transition events.



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