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Shenzhou 6 Returns

Shenzhou 6 Spacecraft Returns to Earth, SpaceRef

"According to China's official news agency, Xinhua, the Shenzhou 6 reentry module landed at at 4:32 am local time. On board were astronauts Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng."

China Keeps Reaching for the Stars, Washington Post

"But China's human spaceflight program is about more than military applications, Johnson-Freese added: "They read the Apollo playbook. They get a lot of prestige from this, and you don't hold parades for robots."

Saturn V Sighting - In China

Shenzhou 6 Astronauts Rack up a Day of Firsts for China, CRI Online

"The flight is aimed at demonstrating China's space prowess the country is only the third nation to independently launch a human into orbit and the prestige of its communist government."

Editor's note: Have a look at the special page that CRI Online - a state-owned media outlet - has on the Shenzhou 6 mission. Is that a Saturn-V or a chinese copy? Before you laugh, recall that they have already reverse engineered and supercharged a Russian Soyuz design ...

China Launches Shenzhou-6 With Two Astronauts Onboard, SpaceRef

"The Shenzhou-6 spacecaraft was launched on Wednesday at 9:00 AM Beijing Time from China's satellite launch center in Jiuquan located in northwest China. This is China's second manned mission - and its first mission with two astronauts on board."

- CRS Report: China's Space Program: An Overview, Congressional Research Service

- Recent China Space News, SpaceRef

- Go Taikonauts! - An Unofficial Chinese Space Website (may be offline due to heavy traffic)



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