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China details Mars exploration with Russia, Reuters

"China and Russia will mount a joint effort to explore Mars and one of its moons in 2009, Chinese state media reported on Wednesday following an agreement to boost cooperation between the two ambitious space powers. A Russian rocket will lift a Chinese satellite and Russian exploration vehicle to survey Mars and Phobos, the innermost and biggest of the red planet's moons, the China Daily reported, citing China's National Space Administration."

Here Comes China

China to challenge Boeing and Airbus, Financial Times

"China plans to mount a head-on challenge to the dominance of Boeing and Airbus in the global market for big passenger jets by setting up a state-owned company to build the aircraft. A statement on the government's website issued late on Sunday said the state council the cabinet had taken an "important strategic decision" to begin research and development to enter the market."

NASA: China could be the next to moon, Houston Cronicle

"I cannot speculate and won't speculate on what China's intensions are. I just don't know that," said Griffin. "As a matter of technical capability and political will, if the Chinese choose to do so, they can mount a lunar mission within a reasonable number of years, say a decade."

Chinese Lunar Plans

China confirms Moon probe in 2007, BBC

"China will launch its first lunar probe this year, and expects to be able to land a man on the Moon within 15 years, a senior space official has confirmed."

Report: China Aims for 2008 Space Flight, AP

"China is aiming for its third manned flight next year with two astronauts making space walks, a state-run newspaper reported Monday. The Beijing Morning Post quoted Huang Chunping, chief consultant for China's manned launching vehicle system, as saying the Shenzhou 7 spacecraft would be ready this year."



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