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Chang'e-2 Moon Photos

China Reveals First Chang'e-2 Photos!, Luna-C/I

"China has released the first photos from it's recently-launched Chang'e-2 lunar orbiter! Released with some fanfare, the images get more or less straight to the point: they're of the Bay of Rainbows (Sinus Iridium), which China has slated to be the potential landing location of it's Chang'e-3 rover mission."

- ""

Which Bablefish translates as "[National Space agency net news] on October 21, 2010, Chinese Country Space agency Bureau Chief Chen Qiu sent in Beijing met with NASA Bureau Chief Charles Bor ascends. Sino-US Space agency bureau chief reviewed both countries space agency cooperation course during the discussion, the US side indicated that hope with the Chinese side in the Moon and the planetary science field of activity development cooperation, the bilateral common consent will have the positive practical attitude, expanded and deepens two games in astronautics domain cooperation. (no matter what. Chen asks to ship to Bor to ascend the present "Chang E two" the dummy satellite (Li Jianzhong)"

CNSA Source

Keith's Note: Too bad we only have a CNSA picture to demonstrate what Bolden actually did in China in an official capacity. So far the White House refuses to allow him to have any interaction with the media or offer insight into his activities.



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