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CNSA Chief Says China Would Gladly Join Global Space Roadmapping Group if Asked, Space News

"One non-Chinese government official said China is already an observer to the ISECG [International Space Exploration Coordination Group] work and that it was China, not ISECG, which in the past had resisted China's joining as a full member. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, who regularly fields questions about the apparent U.S. government policy of hostility to China's space efforts during annual conferences like IAC, said nothing in U.S. policy would prevent China's becoming a full ISECG member. Bolden said that as far as he was concerned, China was already a part of the ISECG process."

International Partnership Releases Space Exploration Benefits Paper, NASA

"NASA and the International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG) released a white paper Friday outlining benefits of human exploration of space."

Keith's note: If you go to the last page of the August 2013 ISECG Global Exploration Roadmap you will see a graphic of Earth surrounded by space agency logos. CNSA's logo is included. However, the word "China" or acronym "CNSA" do not appear anywhere in this document. If you go to the USECG website CNSA is listed as a member. So apparently China is "observing" - but doing little else.

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Bolden in China

Nasa chief Charles Bolden to visit Beijing, South China Morning Post

"In China we will be meeting with the heads of international partners of the International Space Station [ISS], as well as the heads of some space agencies that don't participate, but with whom we have partnership," he said. Bolden did not respond directly when the South China Morning Post in a media conference call asked about collaboration between US and China in such areas as manned space flights. "We also support any nation that seeks peaceful utilisation of space, and that goes to everyone," he said."

China's space station to open for foreign peers, China Daily

"China is willing to provide training and open the Chinese space station to foreign astronauts, senior space flight officials said. "We would like to train astronauts from other countries and organizations that have such a demand, and we would be glad to provide trips to foreign astronauts," said Yang Liwei, deputy director of China Manned Space Agency. "We will also welcome foreign astronauts who have received our training to work in our future space station." Yang, China's first astronaut, who went into space in 2003, said many countries submitted proposals to the Chinese government during the development of the space station, hoping China would help train their astronauts and then send them to the station to conduct scientific experiments. "The effect of including foreign participants in our space programs is not only that these nations can send their people to outer space, but also that we will enable them to develop their own space projects." Yang made the remarks during the five-day United Nations/China Workshop on Human Space Technology, which opened in Beijing on Monday."

Keith's note: According to this Facebook post: "On September 21 the Space Generation Advisory Council is hosting its SGC Gala Dinner in Beijing, China. Enjoy a nice evening with young professionals, students, and current space leaders from around the world, as well as our featured speaker, Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator."

Isn't NASA supposed to be avoiding interactions with China? Or is Bolden just going to phone his speech in? I wonder if Frank Wolf knows about this.

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