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9 July 2004: The ultimate public-private partnership - Bigelow, NASA now working together on space hotel, Las Vegas Mercury

"Few journalists have been allowed inside the secure confines of the 50-acre "space campus" Bigelow Aerospace has built in North Las Vegas, and with good reason. Bigelow has long shunned any kind of publicity for himself, and since he is investing up to $500 million of his personal fortune into the aerospace company, he's reluctant to give away too much information to potential competitors. It's the same reason his facility is surrounded by fences, gates, cameras and an imposing security force made up of ex-military types. "Now, though, it may be time to talk," Bigelow told the Mercury . "NASA thinks so too."

ITAR and Inflatables

4 July 2004: Private Initiative for Inflatable Space Habitat Lures Chinese Interest, Aviation Now

"Inflatable technologies--or "expandables" as Bigelow prefers to call them--are increasingly popular, and NASA and the Defense Dept. are also potential customers for Nautilus research. As envisioned by NASA for the TransHab concept, Bigelow engineers believe the Nautilus could also be a proof-of-concept development for similar materials technologies and inflatables as habitats on the Moon as part of the new U.S. lunar/Mars manned exploration initiative."

Editor's note: One would expect that there are some nasty ITAR-related concerns just waiting to pounce on Bigelow's plans.



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