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NASA's Office of Exploration Systems has announced a listing of Notices of Intent (NOI) letters submitted in response to the Human & Robotic Technology BAA which have been selected to submit full proposals.

Due the large number of NOIs rejected NOI email notifications are not being sent out.

Full proposals are due to NASA by 29 September 2004.

26 August 2004: A Giant Leap For Commercial Space Travel, IEEE Spectrum

"Paul Allen, Microsoft Corp.'s cofounder, funded Rutan's project, ostensibly to win the US $10 million Ansari X Prize for the first workable "space tourist" vehicle. But Rutan and Allen's gaze was directed far beyond that prize. Considering they spent more than twice as much money as they could win, clearly they were looking to participate in a future of commercial space travel for ordinaryalbeit richpeople."



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