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A memorial service for Tony Schoenfelder will be held this Saturday, October 2, 2004, at 11 AM at the Colonial Funeral Home in Leesburg, Virginia.

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Virgin Galactic
27 September 2004: Virgin Group Sign Deal with Paul G. Allens Mojave Aerospace, Mojave Aerospace Ventures

"Today, Sir Richard Branson announced that Virgin Group has entered into an agreement to license the technology to develop the worlds first privately funded spaceships dedicated to carrying commercial passengers on space flights."

Bigelow's Gamble

27 September 2004: Bigelow's Gamble, Aviation Week & Space Technology

"The Bigelow Aerospace project to privately develop inflatable Earth-orbit space modules is beginning to integrate diverse U.S. and European technologies into subscale and full-scale inflatable test modules and subsystems at the company's heavily guarded facilities here. Company founder and millionaire Robert T. Bigelow told Aviation Week & Space Technology that he will announce as early as this week a new $50-million space launch contest called America's Space Prize."

17 September 2004: DARPA, Air Force Kick Off Falcon Phase II Small Launch Vehicle

"The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the U.S. Air Force have awarded funding to four teams for the second phase of the Falcon Small Launch Vehicle (SLV) program. The goal of the Falcon SLV program is to develop and demonstrate an affordable and responsive space lift capability."

15 September 2004: NASA Special Notice: Commercial Space Transportation Services in Support of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

"This RFI, issued by NASA's Office of Space Operations, is to obtain information regarding capabilities and market interest from existing and emerging domestic commercial space transportation providers. NASA will use this information to shape agency acquisition strategy for space transportation services."

3 September 2004: NASA Presolicitation Notice: Legal Services (creation of The Mercury Fund)

"This procurement is for the purchase of the legal services and business advice in support of the Agency's effort to create a venture capital fund similar in concept to the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) In-Q-Tel. NASA's fund is hereby referred to as "The Mercury Fund". The services provided under this contract will include unique legal, taxation, and operational advisory services. The goal of The Mercury Fund will be to invest in tandem with established private sector venture capital funds to sponsor innovative, multi-use technologies to help NASA achieve its mission and to better position these technologies for future multiple and/or commercial uses."

1 September 2004: NASA Selects Contractors for Exploration Studies

"NASA today awarded the first contracts to conduct preliminary concept studies for human lunar exploration and the development of the crew exploration vehicle. Eleven companies were selected."

1 September 2004: NASA Glenn Research Center Awards $41 million Services Contract

"NASA's Glenn Research Center (GRC), Cleveland, today awarded an 8(a) cost-plus-award-fee contract valued at approximately $41 million to Mainthia Technologies, Inc., (MTI), Cleveland."



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