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prise culot electrique Ariane 5 Vol 501 (electric catch base ARIANE 5 Flight 501), eBay

Editor's note: Only 1.000,00EUR (1,288.84 USD)

Psst - Wanna Buy a Slightly Used Soviet Space Suit?, Wired

"Driving the Russian space trade is a slippery supply chain of quasi-government operatives, ex-KGB officers, and Russian mafiosi. Artifacts enter the pipeline after they're filched from Star City - or purchased directly from former cosmonauts - and trickle down to flea markets, galleries, online dealers, and ultimately collectors."

Telecom Mogul's Lofty Dreams Plummet, Washington Post

"The "mysterious Mr. Zzylch" boarded the posh Gulfstream executive jet for his Russian business trip accompanied by a few friends, a pizza somebody grabbed along the way and the board game Risk, just for laughs. Zzylch, as millionaire Washington telecom mogul Walter C. Anderson once jokingly called himself, was in negotiations with Russian officials to lease their moribund orbiting spacecraft, Mir. They needed money. He had plenty."

Minor Damage to SpaceX Engine Test Stand, SpaceRef

"SpaceX was running a Merlin engine acceptance test earlier this week at their test site in Texas. At one point some hot gas blowback burned test stand pressure sensor wiring."

Root Cause Declared for Delta IV Heavy Demo Mission, USAF

"The Boeing Company and the Air Force, supported by The Aerospace Corporation, as part of their on-going investigation, have identified the root cause for the premature Main Engine Cut-Off (MECO) on the Delta IV Heavy Lift Vehicle (HLV) demonstration mission that was launched Dec. 21, 2004."

tSpace Wimps Out

Paperwork stops space privateers building lunar lander, New Scientist

"NASA wants 40 to 50 monthly reports on what you're doing," David Gump, president of the Transformational Space consortium told New Scientist on Monday. And while "we could build a great Crew Exploration Vehicle", Gump says, the consortium cannot comply with the reports and studies NASA stipulates to monitor the project."

Editor's note: Yawn. When the going gets tough, blame it all on paperwork.

Defense Funds Boost Orbital's Fortunes, Washington Post

"Last week, the 23-year-old firm, which also has operations in Prince George's and Howard counties and in Arizona, California, Alabama and Indiana, reported a profit of $200 million on revenue of $675.9 million in 2004, compared with earnings of $20.2 million on revenue of $581.5 million a year earlier."

Boeing Forces Out CEO Over Relationship, AP

"Boeing Co. abruptly forced out its president and chief executive officer, Harry Stonecipher, for what the company said Monday was a violation of the company's code of business conduct stemming from a relationship the married, 68-year-old Stonecipher had with a female Boeing executive."

Air Force lifts Boeing suspension, USAF

"Air Force officials removed the suspension of three Boeing Co. units associated with its rocket business March 4. The company's Launch Systems, Boeing Launch Services and Delta Program business units were suspended July 24, 2003, for serious violations of federal law, officials said. The 20-month suspension has been the longest for a major defense contractor."

Air Force to Lift Boeing Ban: Officials, Reuters

"The U.S. Air Force is set to lift an order that suspended Boeing Co. from getting satellite launch contracts since mid-2003, defense officials said on Thursday. The announcement could come as early as Friday after the close of trading in financial markets, said the officials, who declined to be named."

Tax Case Defendant Says Money Was to Do Good, Washington Post

"Anderson was one of the driving forces behind MirCorp, which sought to privatize Russia's decrepit Mir space station and arranged for an American financier to take an excursion in space. MirCorp's ambitions were dashed with the station's demise. But Anderson has remained passionate about space. "I want to build my own space station since we lost the Mir," he said. "I want to have a moon base."

Billionaire tax dodger craved space haven, Sydney Morning Herald

Reclusive mogul on trial accused of being largest tax dodger in history, The Independent

FAA: Licensing and Safety Requirements for Launch: Availability of draft regulatory language - Notice of public meeting

"The FAA is making available a draft of changes to the commercial space transportation regulations governing licensing and safety requirements for launch. We intend the changes to identify, codify, and maintain the successful safety measures that have been implemented at the federal launch ranges belonging to the Department of Defense and NASA."

Russian spacecraft carries snails, photo eqt, food to ISS, ITAR/TASS

"Telling about promising space technologies, Solovyov said, "FCC specialists seek to bring space research technologies closer to users down here on Earth. If a subscriber to some mobile communications network wants to know a weather forecast for the Ural Mountains area, for example, he may contact the ISS crew by mobile phone."

Editor's note: Is this a Russian|English translation issue - or is this guy just confused about what can - and cannot be done on board ISS?

Telecommunications Entrepreneur Walter Anderson Indicted and Arrested in $200 million Tax Evasion Case, DOJ

"The Justice Department, the Internal Revenue Service and the District of Columbia's Office of Tax and Revenue, jointly announced the indictment and arrest of Walter Anderson, a local telecommunications entrepreneur, on tax evasion and related charges."

Telecom Mogul Held in Tax Case, Washington Post

"The article said his apartment had a painting based on a Smashing Pumpkins lyric, "I'm still just a rat in a cage." The story said Anderson viewed the Earth as his cage and that, as a child, he dreamed of leaving it."



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