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SpaceShipThree poised to follow if SS2 succeeds, Flight International

"Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites to develop orbital version of tourist spacecraft Orbital vehicle SpaceShipThree (SS3) will be developed by space tourism company Virgin Galactic and Mojave-based SpaceShipTwo (SS2)-developer Scaled Composites, if the planned SS2 suborbitalservice is successful, says Virgin Galactic president Will White horn."

Soyuz Prices Are Going Up

Soyuz spacecraft to cost NASA $65 million, RIA Novosti

"The Russian Space Agency Roscosmos will sell a Soyuz spacecraft, a carrier rocket and launch services to NASA for some $65 million, if the American agency approves the deal, a Roscosmos official told journalists Thursday."

NASA JSC Contract Award: Replacement of 1553 Cards for ISS Flight Laptop Computers

"Contract Award Amount: 400800
Contractor: Data Device Corporation, 105 Wilbur Place, Bohemia, NY 11716"

Editor's note: $400,800 for cards that go in a laptop? Sounds a little steep - so I sent an inquiry to Michal K. Malik at JSC, the contact listed on this notice. He declined to answer my question but told me to ask the FOIA point of contact Stella Luna. I have not heard back from Ms. Luna.

Editor's update: I heard back from Stella Luna:

NASA HQ Presolicitation Notice: Renewal Membership For Real Estate Executive Board

"The Real Estate Executive Board is designed to serve senior Real Estate leaders and their staffs."

NASA HQ Presolicitation Notice: Renewal of Membership for Corporate Leadership Council

"The Council identifies and publishes best-demonstrated practices focusing on successful corporate human resources (HR) initiatives."

NASA LaRC Presolicitation Notice: Scenario-Based Strategy Development

"The Futures Strategy Group provides customized scenarios, interviews, and workshops which are required for the Langley Resarch Center to be responsibe to the Agency's technology needs over the next 20 years."

NASA GSFC Award Notice: Sexual Harassment Training

"Contract Award Amount: $399,422"

To The Moon, Eric!

Private Company Plans $100 Million Tour Around the Moon, NY Times

"The space-faring tourists will travel with a Russian pilot. They will steer clear of the greater technical challenge of landing on the Moon, instead circling it and returning to Earth. Eric Anderson, the chief executive of Space Adventures, said he believed the trip could be accomplished as early as 2008. Mr. Anderson said he had already received expressions of interest from a few potential clients."



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