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Ames Thinks Outside the Box

NASA Takes Google on Journey Into Space

"NASA Ames Research Center, located in the heart of California's Silicon Valley, and Mountain View-based Google Inc. today announced plans to collaborate on a number of technology-focused research-and-development activities that will couple some of Earth's most powerful technology resources."

Editor's earlier note:Instead of waving their arms around trying to grab NASA money that is evaporating, other field centers could do well to study what ARC has accomplished.

Google Moves in at ARC

Google expected to build campus at NASA Ames - 1 million-square-foot complex envisioned as heart of Valley, SF Chronicle

"At 1 million square feet, the new campus would be larger than filmmaker George Lucas' new Presidio complex and nearly as big as the 52-story office tower in the Bank of America Center in San Francisco's Financial District."

NASA, Google to Make Major Announcement (ARC Website)

"NASA Ames Research Center, located in Silicon Valley, and Mountain View-based Google Inc., will make a major announcement during a news conference scheduled at 4:30 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2005. NASA Ames Research Center Director G. Scott Hubbard and Dr. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google Inc., will make the announcement."

SpaceX Announces the Falcon 9 Fully Reusable Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle

"SpaceX today announced its new launch vehicle, the Falcon 9, an Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) class vehicle. With up to a 17 ft (5.2 m) diameter fairing, Falcon 9 is capable of launching approximately 21,000 lbs (9,500 kg) to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) in its medium configuration and 55,000 lbs (25,000 kg) to LEO in its heavy configuration, a lift capacity greater than any other launch vehicle. In the medium configuration, Falcon 9 is priced at $27 million per flight with a 12 ft (3.6 m) fairing and $35 million with a 17 ft fairing. Prices include all launch range and third party insurance costs, making Falcon 9 the most cost efficient vehicle in its class worldwide."

More CEV Work for CSC

NASA MSFC Solicitation: Additional Operations, Engineering, and Integration Work In Support of the Crew Launch Vehicle Project

"NASA/MSFC intends to contract with CSC for the proposed effort on a sole-source basis by awarding a modification to the current purchase order to add this work, which has an estimated period of performance by three months (October 01, 2005, through December 31, 2005)."



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