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NASA Hazbot III Prototype Mobile Robot: "Hazbot III was used by the JPL Fire Department in simulated reconaissance missions. Its final demonstration mission was carried out in April 1994. Also in 1994, NASA loaned Hazbot III for the Kurt Russell and James Spader film Stargate, which features the robot as the messenger that moves between two worlds. Provenance: Purchased by the vendor at GSA Auctions, from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory."

NASA JSC Solicitation: Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) Space Flight Demonstrations

"The objective of these space flight capability demonstrations is to stimulate commercial enterprises in space and lead to innovative, cost effective access to low-Earth orbit. It is anticipated that upon the successful demonstration of any one of the mission capabilities prior to 2010 timeframe, NASA may issue a request for proposals to competitively procure commercial orbital transportation services to resupply the International Space Station. NASA anticipates that these services will be needed through at least 2015."

FTC Seeks More Info on Proposed Lockheed-Boeing Satellite Venture, AP

"Lockheed Martin Corp. and the Boeing Co. said Monday the Federal Trade Commission has asked for more information in its antitrust review of a proposed joint satellite-launch company."

Full Summons and Complaint by SpaceX against Boeing Company and Lockheed Martin Corporation (complete document)

"1. This is an action by Space Exploration Technologies Corporation ("SpaceX") against the Boeing Company and Lockheed Martin Corporation for violations of antitrust, unfair competition and racketeering laws. Boeing and Lockheed Martin have engaged in an unlawful conspiracy to eliminate competition in, and utlimately to monopolize, the government space launch business and prevent SpaceX and other potential new entrants from competing in that business."

Boeing, Lockheed Martin Continue Work Toward Launch Alliance Approval

"The Boeing Company and Lockheed Martin Corporation announced today that they have received a Second Request for information from the Federal Trade Commission relating to their filing pursuant to the Hart-Scott-Rodino Anti-Trust Act regarding the formation of the United Launch Alliance, LLC (ULA)."

NASA Set To Approve New Unpressurized Logistics Carrier for Space Shuttle Fleet

Editor's note: The enclosed CR pitch was presented at today's PICB at JSC. NASA is set to approve development of 5 new unpressurized payload carriers for the Space Shuttle fleet at a total cost of $120 million.

What I don't understand is why this new system is needed - one which won't enter service until 2007 only to become useless when the shuttle fleet stops flying in 2010. Moreover, existing commerical cargo carriers - pressurized and pressurized (Spacehab) exist. Curiously these alternatives seem to be ignored by NASA. Moreover, wasn't Mike Griffin going to put out an RFP for commercial resupply of the ISS this fall? Why not wait and see what the private sector can offer before committing to this new, and short-lived system? Why not come up with a system that is compatible with private launchers and the unpressurized cargo variant of the CEV?

Orbital Recovery Group Signs a Reservation for the First Satellite Servicing Mission Using its CX-OLEV "Space Tug"

"The Orbital Recovery life extension mission reserved by the Memorandum of Agreement would be performed in 2009. It will use the CX-OLEV "space tug" to provide propulsion, navigation and guidance to maintain the telecommunication operator's satellite in the proper orbital slot for a minimum of five additional years."

- NASA Buying Microgravity Flights From Zero-G
- NASA and Zero-G Test Space Shuttle Runway Program

- NASA Solicitation: Parabolic Flight Services (Zero Gravity Corporation)

"NASA/HQ plan to issue a Sole Source Procurement for Parabolic Flight Services to Zero Gravity Corporation."

- Weightless Flights, Central Florida News

"NASA has also contracted with ZERO-G to fly some NASA training missions out of Johnson Space Center in Houston next week."



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