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NASA Solicitation: Innovative Partnerships Program Services

"The Innovative Partnerships Program (IPP) at NASA has undergone significant changes and restructuring over the past few years. The purpose of this RFI is to communicate the current structure, elements, mission and products of the IPP in preparation for the issuance of an RFP for services that will replace the prior network which consisted of the Regional Technology Transfer Centers (RTTC), the Research Triangle Institute (RTI) and the National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC)."

NASA MSFC Solicitation: Cargo Vehicle Core Stage Engine

"NASA/MSFC has baselined the use of a lower cost version of the Space Shuttle Main Engine as the Core Stage Engine (CSE) for the proposed Cargo Launch Vehicle (CaLV). At this time, special studies are needed to evaluate and assess the processes and requirements necessary to develop and certify the CSE for the CaLV. The Core Stage Engine will be a highly affordable, expendable engine derived from the current Space Shuttle Main Engine (RS-25)."

Lockheed Martin announces partnership with the State of Florida to pursue NASA's new Crew Exploration Vehicle

Florida figures in future of spacecraft, Orlando Sentinel

"The incentives, which still must be approved by the state Legislature, include $35 million to upgrade the Operations and Checkout Building and other facilities, and $10.5 million for work-force training. The same incentives also are available to the Northrop Grumman-Boeing team if it chooses to do final CEV assembly and testing in Florida."

Editor's note: But will LockMart locate its CEV work in Florida if the state of Florida does NOT come through? In other words is this interest in Florida only being announced because of this incentive? And what happens if CEV contractor selection occurs before Florida's state government acts? Does NASA have to review two contingencies in Lockmart's proposal? This strikes me as something Florida should have started to do a year ago.

Bad News for Spacehab

Spacehab Receives Nasdaq Listing Deficiency Letter

"Spacehab announced receipt of a Nasdaq Staff Deficiency letter on February 8, 2006 indicating that the Company is below the minimum equity requirement of $10.0 million and accordingly does not comply with Marketplace Rule 4450(a)(3)."

Posted February 9, 2006 (via SpaceX):"After analyzing data from the static fire countdown, we decided to postpone the launch. The vehicle is being lowered for further investigation. Once we have thoroughly checked out all systems, I will post an update on what was found and when the next countdown attempt will occur. Based on range availability and logistics constraints, a rough guess would be two to four weeks."

Editor's note: According to NASA ESMD's Brant Sponberg, in the next 10 days or so, NASA and the X-Prize Foundation will announce a lunar lander analog prize competition - with a prize of $2 million. According to charts presented by Sponberg at the NASA Advisory Council meeting, the goal will be to "demonstrate accurate vertical take-off and landing with lunar Delta-V."

SpaceX Launch Status

Falcon 1 Maiden Flight Update: February 6, 2006

"If no flight critical anomalies are detected,launch will take place on Friday, February 10.The launch window on Friday is 1- 7 p.m. (California time)."

Red Planet Capital

NASA Request for Information: Venture Capital Project ("Red Planet Capital")

"... Several federal agencies have already established programs that address these challenges through venture funds. For example, the CIA and Army/SoCom respectively created the In-Q-Tel and OnPoint Funds. In order for NASA to specifically focus on entrepreneurial innovation in support of its mission objectives, the Agency has laid the foundation for a private equity investment vehicle (working name "Red Planet Capital") aimed at early-stage companies."

Innovative Partnerships Program, Lisa Lockyer, Acting Deputy Director, Innovative Partnerships, October 20, 2005 (PDF)

Kicking The Launch Paradigm

A Bold Plan to Go Where Men Have Gone Before, NY Times

"Ask Elon Musk what he wants to do with his life after having amassed a $300 million fortune from the Internet and the answer is surprising. At 34, he says he is too young to retire. Philanthropy is a bit staid."

SpaceHab Sues NASA

Spacehab Files Court Complaint for Losses On Space Shuttle Mission

"Spacehab announced today that it is filing a civil complaint against NASA with the United States District Court in Houston, Texas for loss and damages suffered during the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy in February 2003."



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