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Blue Origin West Texas Commercial Launch Site Environmental Assessment, FAA

"The proposed action is for AST to issue one or more experimental permits and/or licenses to Blue Origin. Blue Origin proposes to launch reusable launch vehicles (RLVs) on suborbital, ballistic trajectories to altitudes in excess of 99,060 meters (325,000 feet). To conduct these operations, Blue Origin would construct a private launch site, which would include a vehicle processing facility, launch complex, vehicle landing and recovery area, space flight participant training facility, and other minor support facilities."

ULA Close to Approval

Rocket venture green light, Rocky Mountain News

"The federal government has signaled it's prepared to approve Lockheed Martin and Boeing's joint rocket-launch ventures. The two companies said the Federal Trade Commission - after a lengthy antitrust review - handed over a draft agreement giving the duo the green light to merge their rocket operations."

Boeing, Lockheed get draft US OK for rocket merger, Reuters

"The draft consent order was sent to the companies about 10 days ago by the Federal Trade Commission, which must give the final U.S. approval, said Tom Jurkowsky, a Lockheed spokesman."

Editor's note: Looks like the space collectors are now arguing among themselves about the authenticity of the confederate flags (supposedly flown on ISS) that were put up for sale on eBay (see earlier post). It seems that they are also afraid that this will drive up the cost and/or decrease the availability of the things they collect and sell.

ULA Update

US Air Force sees Boeing rocket deal after June 30, Reuters

"Meanwhile, Boeing and Bethesda, Maryland-based Lockheed Martin Corp, are still waiting for the Federal Trade Commission to approve a merger of their rocket launch units 13 months after they unveiled the United Launch Alliance."



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