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WiFi Use Expanding at ARC

NASA ARC Internal Memo: Increased WiFi Access

"I am pleased to inform you that we now have wi-fi at the Tee Minus 1 Golf Course Clubhouse! Advanced Wireless Communication (AWC), a NASA Research Park partner, coordinated the installation of the service in less than 2 1/2 hours."

Editor's note: The cost of the WiFi was totally borne by Golf Course profits. No tax dollars were involved. While other NASA Field Centers struggle to keep up with state of the art communications capabilities, Ames manages to come up with innovative ways to keep pace.

Human Space Flight Requirements for Crew and Space Flight Participants, FAA

"The FAA is establishing requirements for human space flight as required by the Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act of 2004, including rules on crew qualifications and training, and informed consent for crew and space flight participants. The requirements should provide an acceptable level of safety to the general public and ensure individuals on board are aware of the risks associated with a launch or reentry. The rule also applies existing financial responsibility and waiver of liability requirements to human space flight and experimental permits. Experimental permits are the subject of a separate rulemaking."

Spacehab Announces Results of Annual Shareholders Meeting

"After over a decade of service to SPACEHAB, President and Chief Executive Officer Michael E. Kearney announced his decision to retire from the Company effective December 31, 2006. ... Thomas B. Pickens, III will be the new President and Chief Executive Officer beginning January 1, 2007. Pickens brings 23 years of entrepreneurial experience with an excellent track record for creating and unleashing value for many companies over the years. He has served as a member of the SPACEHAB Board since 2003 and has been the Chairman of the Market Opportunity and Mergers and Acquisitions Committee since March 2006."

NASA ARC Internal Memo: Spacehab Litigation Request

"NASA currently has litigation with Spacehab Inc. pending before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, arising from the loss of the Columbia as it returned from the STS-107 mission on February 1, 2003. Spacehab's Research Double Module (RDM) was aboard Columbia and was totally destroyed in the accident. This litigation is in the discovery phase and Spacehab has requested copies of certain documents (hard copy and electronic forms - including e-mail). NASA is legally obligated to identify and preserve all relevant material."

Sino Setback - Advanced Chinese Space Technology Initiative Is Off To A Disastrous Start, Aviation Week and Space Technology

"The catastrophic breakdown of China's new Sinosat 2 direct broadcast satellite is the worst spacecraft failure in the history of the Chinese space program and a major setback to China's development of a new generation of larger more powerful civilian and military satellites. The failure of this largest, most complex spacecraft ever developed by the Chinese - launched by China's most powerful rocket - portends a shakeup in the management of Chinese space system testing and quality control."

ULA Is Born

Boeing and Lockheed Martin Complete United Launch Alliance Transaction

"The Boeing Company and Lockheed Martin Corporation today announced that they have completed the transaction combining their expendable launch vehicle businesses, forming the joint venture called United Launch Alliance, LLC (ULA). ULA will combine the production, engineering, test and launch operations associated with U.S. government launches of Boeing Delta and Lockheed Martin Atlas rockets. The proposed joint venture was first announced in May 2005."



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