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Sea Launch has a bad day

Sea Launch Experiences Anomaly During NSS-8 Launch

"A Sea Launch Zenit-3SL vehicle, carrying the NSS-8 satellite, experienced an anomaly today during launch operations. All personnel at the launch site are safe and accounted for."

Editor's note: Yea, it certainly had an "anomaly" - the rocket blew up into a whole bunch of little pieces on its floating launch pad.

Watch the YouTube video of the explosion anomaly below:

This Really Sucks

Uncle Sam spoils dream trip to space, AP

"Brian Emmett's childhood fantasy came true when he won a free trip to outer space. But the 31-year-old was crushed when he had to cancel his reservation because of Uncle Sam. .. Then reality hit. After some number-crunching, Emmett realized he would have to report the $138,000 galactic joy ride as income and owe $25,000 in taxes. Unwilling to sink into debt, the software consultant from the San Francisco Bay area gave up his seat. ... That spaceflight will be provided by Space Adventures Ltd., the same company that brokers deals for trips on Russian rockets to the orbiting international space station for a reported $20 million per customer."

Back to the Future

Incorporating Space into Our Economic Sphere of Influence, Mike Griffin

"Arthur C. Clarke's and Stanley Kubrik's masterpiece of science fiction "2001: A Space Odyssey" projected onto the screen of our collective human consciousness a future for us where, by now, hundreds of people would be living and working in space stations orbiting the Earth and outposts would exist on our moon. We would be journeying to other planets in our solar system, just as our European forbears came to America looking for new beginnings."

Space Frontier Foundation Supports FAA's NewSpace Preparations

"The FAA's Office of Commercial Space Transportation (FAA-AST) is the US Government agency responsible for regulating the safety of the NewSpace industry, and this office is preparing for the day when the inevitable happens.

Nobody wants to think about it, and yet we must be prepared to deal with the consequences. Therefore, the FAA-AST has asked the Space Frontier Foundation to collect ideas (includes an online survey)"

New Job for Alan Ladwig

Alan Ladwig Joins Whitney, Bradley & Brown, Inc. to Lead Space Consultancy

"Whitney, Bradley & Brown, Inc. (WBB) announced today that Alan Ladwig is joining the company and to lead their Space Consultancy business. Alan brings more than 30 years of experience in senior management positions with NASA, commercial space companies, media companies and non-profit organizations."

Ares I Upper Stage Update

Ares I Upper Stage Production Presolicitation Conference Charts are online here.

Spacehab Unveils Initiative to Streamline Company, Reduce Costs

"Spacehab today announced plans to restructure corporate functions and reduce staff to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and lower overhead costs. The Company anticipates the 15-20% reduction in workforce, approximately 36 positions out of 220, to result in savings of $3.9 million annually. The reductions eliminate redundant capabilities as SPACEHAB's support of NASA's space shuttle program moves toward completion of the Company's last contracted mission."

SpaceX DemoFlight 2 Launch Update

"Going forward, a static fire is planned Thursday, January 18 (California time). We have a launch window on January 21 and 22 (California time) and are working with the range to secure a couple of additional days as contingency. Should we go beyond that, which is still a good possibility as we work with the upgraded vehicle, pad, and procedures, the next available launch window is mid February. There will be a live webcast and a media call in line for the launch. Details will be provided shortly."

Griffin Speaks to the STA

Prepared Comments by Michael Griffin before the Space Transportation Association

"I hope that NASA is not in the business of reinventing the wheel or ensuring "big government" solutions to space exploration. If you think that I'm wrong, please tell me; believe me, we'll pay attention. We are tasked by our Federal government's elected leadership to develop certain capabilities for aeronautics, space exploration and scientific discovery. I hugely admire the achievement of Burt Rutan and his team with the SpaceShipOne suborbital flights in 2004, and I certainly consider Burt to be a friend. But I think that it is difficult to extrapolate the success of SpaceShipOne to NASA endeavors."

Advertise Above The Sky

Space ads taken to the next level, JP Aerospace

"YouTube and Google Video have become the new advertising hot spots. Space, as in outer space, is becoming the final frontier for marketing.

JP Aerospace, a California company, has joined these trends by offering video ads twenty miles up. It hopes to sell to companies looking for dramatic and uplifting video for their marketing campaigns."

Home Movies of Amazon.Com Founder's Spaceship Are Now Online, SpaceRef

"Images and video of a test launch of the private space launch test vehicle named "Goddard" founder Jeff Bezos has been building have been posted online.

The first flight took place on 13 November 2006.

One video shows a close up shot of the first launch which reached a maximum altitude of "about 285 feet". Another shot shows video taken through a fisheye lens."



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