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Boeing Selected to Build NASA's Upper Stage for Ares I

"The Boeing Company has been awarded a NASA contract valued at approximately $514.7 million to produce the upper stage of the Ares I crew launch vehicle. This element provides the navigation, guidance, control and propulsion required for the ascent of the second-stage Ares I into low -Earth orbit."

NASA GSFC Solicitation: Military and Aerospace FPGA Applications Conference

Editor's note: I just love these "extra consideration Items" - especially: "Government rate for hotel rooms for 2 nights prior to the conference and 2 nights later at a reduced room block level" .... "yogurt during the continental breakfast". I can understand the extra night aspect - this way dozens of NASA civil servants and other attendees can show up early and/or stay late and get a mini-vacation in November in Palm Beach out of this (the Amendment 01 states "We require the availability of government room rate for approximately 25-30 guests two days before and after the conference.").

What has me baffled, however, is why having yogurt at breakfast is considered an "extra consideration" in this formal government procurment activity.

A Good Day for Xcor

XCOR Rockets onto Inc.'s "500 Fastest Growing Companies"

"Each year, Inc. Magazine ranks the 500 fastest growing companies in America based on the percentage increase of revenue over a three-year period. It announced on August 23 that XCOR Aerospace, of Mojave, California, made the list. The small, privately-held California C-Corporation was ranked No. 446 overall with 646 percent three-year revenue growth from 2003 through 2006."

Set Back for Armadillo

Crash destroys rocket ahead of X Prize contest, New Scientist

"The front-runner for a $2 million NASA competition to build mock lunar landers has lost one of its two main vehicles in a fiery crash. The company, Armadillo Aerospace, says it will enter a smaller vehicle instead, but outsiders say the upset will level the playing field and add suspense to the upcoming contest."

Private-Rocket Venture Failing to Win Investors, Wall Street Journal

"In a potentially serious blow to privately supported space-exploration efforts, a project to develop a private-sector rocket to serve the International Space Station has failed to secure investors. Negotiations between a group of prospective commercial investors and a reusable-rocket venture led by closely held Rocketplane Kistler Inc. have broken down, according to industry officials familiar with the details. Alternative funding for the $500 million needed to keep the project on track is uncertain, these officials said."

Opportunity for the Use of the ISS by U.S. Non-government Entitites for Research and Development and Industrial Processing Purposes

"In preparation for the ISS post-assembly phase, NASA is announcing limited opportunities for U.S. non-government entities to conduct R&D activities on the ISS. Under this arrangement, NASA may enter into Space Act Agreements with such entities to allow access to NASA facilities, personnel and technical information as the need and situation warrants, however, there will be no provision of funds. Respondents will be responsible for financing their own activities."

Legendary Band Three Dog Night to Open Strategic Space and Defense 2007, Space Foundation

"Legendary music icons THREE DOG NIGHT will open Strategic Space and Defense 2007 with a performance on Tuesday, 9 October 2007. Presented by the Space Foundation and Space News, Strategic Space and Defense 2007, a global security conference for space and defense professionals, will take place at the Qwest Center Omaha Convention Center in Omaha, Neb., 9 -- 11 October 2007. The opening ceremony will begin at 6 p.m. in the lower level of the Qwest Center."

Editor's note:Wow. This makes me want to make my reservations right now! I wonder how much this cost - probably enough to send a student to college for a year. Oh well, I am sure my fellow 50+ white male cohorts will be singing along and clapping ...

IAM Sues NASA for Misconduct

"The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) today filed suit in the United States District Court in the District of Columbia against the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for interfering in the negotiations for a new contract for almost 500 workers represented by IAM Local Lodge 2061 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The IAM-represented employees provide launch services to NASA through the United Space Alliance (USA), a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and the Boeing Co. A copy of the complaint is available at"

Help NASA Innovate

General Engineer: "This position is that of the Program Executive for the Innovation Incubator program element, Innovative Partnerships Program Office, located within HQ, NASA. The mission of this organization is to provide leveraged technology for NASA's Mission Directorates, Programs, and Projects through investments and technology partnerships with industry, academia, government agencies, and national laboratories. The programs and initiatives directed by the NASA IPP foster technology partnerships, commercialization and innovation in support of NASA's overall mission and national priorities. The incumbent of this position is responsible for providing management and oversight of several activities which encourage new sources of innovation and technology to help NASA achieve it's mission objectives including the Centennial Challenges program which encourages creative solutions to specific technological problems of the Agency."

NASA KSC Solicitation: Construction of the Constellation Crew Launch Vehicle Mobile Launcher

"NASA/KSC is issuing Request for Proposal (RFP)] NNK07201535R for the Construction of the Constellation Crew Launch Vehicle (CLV) Mobile Launcher (ML). This RFP is for the construction of the Constellation CLV ML. This acquisition will be conducted as a negotiated full and open competition. The ML acquisition evaluation is being conducted in two parts due to the aggressive Constellation Program schedule and need for the ML."

Spacecraft Projection Galaxy, Bigelow Aerospace

"History in the making. For the first time, Bigelow Aerospace is able to project images on the outside of a spacecraft!"


Accidents Won't Stop Private Space Industry's Push to Final Frontier, Wired

"The private space industry suffered a setback last Thursday when an explosion ripped through a rocket-engine test area in the California desert, killing three workers and seriously injuring three others. The industry's first fatal accident is already becoming a defining event in the history of commercial spaceflight -- it's the private rocketeers' Apollo 1."

Geveden @ TBE

Geveden takes over as new Teledyne president Wednesday, Huntsville Times

"Rex Geveden takes over as the new president at Teledyne Brown Engineering on Wednesday. Geveden, 46, worked at Teledyne in the 1980s as a technologist. He would go on to a 17-year career at NASA, where he rose to the No. 3-ranking official, associate administrator."



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