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Space Adventures' Orbital Spaceflight Candidate, Charles Simonyi, Plans Spring 2009 Return Flight to the ISS

"Space Adventures, the only company that provides human space missions to the world marketplace, announced today that Charles Simonyi, Ph.D., intends to train with the Soyuz TMA-14 crew in preparation for a spring mission to the International Space Station (ISS)."Having a repeat orbital client demonstrates to the world that participating in a space mission is truly a magnificent and awe-inspiring experience. It is also an excellent example that the marketplace is even larger than previously anticipated because of the potential occurrence of clients who fly on multiple occasions," said Eric Anderson, president and CEO of Space Adventures. "We congratulate Charles on his continued commitment to commercial spaceflight. We look forward to assisting him in preparation for the spring 2009 mission."

SpaceX Successfully Launches Falcon 1 to Orbit

"Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) announces that Flight 4 of the Falcon 1 launch vehicle has successfully launched and achieved Earth orbit.

With this key milestone, Falcon 1 becomes the first privately developed liquid fuel rocket to orbit the Earth. Source: Space Exploration Technologies Corp."

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Dice-K Sues Space Adventures

Wannabe Space Tourist Wants $21 Million Back Over Scuttled Mission, Wired

"The Japanese internet tycoon who paid $21 million to become the first space tourist to walk outside the International Space Station wants his money back. In a lawsuit, Daisuke Enomoto, 37, claims that Space Adventures, the private firm with connections to the Russian Federal Space Agency, "deceptively and fraudulently" induced him to pay $21 million for a 10-day orbital sojourn that never materialized."

Daisuke Enomoto
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SpaceX Falcon Flight Tuesday?

SpaceX Update: Flight 4 of Falcon 1

"As mentioned in my update last month, we do expect to conduct a launch countdown in late September - as scheduled. Having said that, it is still possible that we encounter an issue that needs to be investigated, which would delay launch until the next available window in late October. If preparations go smoothly, we will conduct a static fire on Saturday and launch sometime between Tuesday and Thursday (California time)."

Former NASA Kennedy Space Center Director Jay Honeycutt Announced As President of Odyssey Moon U.S. Operations

"Veteran U.S. Civil and Commercial Space executive Jay Honeycutt has been named President of Odyssey Moon Ventures LLC, responsible for all Odyssey Moon U.S. programs and commercial launch operations.

Odyssey Moon intends to develop and commercialize innovative technologies to offer frequent, low cost and reliable access to the lunar surface for private and government customers."

Key Step to Space-Based Solar Power Achieved

"During the week of May 5-9, 2008, a key step on the path to Space-Based Solar Power was achieved: a "first-of-a-kind" long-range demonstration of solar-powered wireless power transmission using a solid-state phased array transmitter located on the U.S. island of Maui (on Haleakala) and receivers located on the island of Hawai'i (Mauna Loa) and airborne. The demonstration, achieved by Managed Energy Technologies LLC of the U.S. and sponsored by Discovery Communications, Inc., involved the transmission of RF energy over a distance of up to 148 kilometers (about 90 miles): almost 100-times further than a major 1970s power transmission performed by NASA in the Mojave Desert in California."

Dodd Calls for Fairness in New NASA Space Suit Competition

"Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) recently sent a letter to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Administrator Michael Griffin expressing concern about how the recent competition for the new Constellation Space Suit System was executed. The competition resulted in NASA awarding the new contract to Oceaneering International, a firm that specializes in deep sea diving suits, instead of Connecticut-based Hamilton Sundstrand, the company that has manufactured America's space suits for more than 40 years. This decision has since been withdrawn by NASA due to concerns voiced by the NASA Inspector General and a protest filed by Hamilton Sundstrand with the Government Accountability Office (GAO)."

SpaceX Gets USAF License

SpaceX Receives USAF Operational License for Cape Canaveral Launch Site

"Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) has been granted an Operational License by the US Air Force for the use of Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on the Florida coast. Receipt of the license, in conjunction with the approved Site Plan, paves the way for SpaceX to initiate Falcon 9 launch operations later this year. "We are developing Falcon 9 to be a valuable asset to the American space launch fleet," said Elon Musk, CEO and CTO of SpaceX. "The support we received from General Helms and the US Air Force has been immensely helpful in developing the pathfinder processes necessary for SpaceX to realize commercial space flights from the Cape."

New NASA Space Experiment Rack To Undergo Flight Tests

"A new space experiment rack under development by NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Fla., and Space Florida will undergo initial tests this week. The rack will fly aboard NASA's first commercially-provided research flights on Zero Gravity Corporation's reduced gravity aircraft.

Flight testing of the FASTRACK Space Experiment Platform will be performed on four consecutive days between September 9-12 from Ellington Field near NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston."

Sports and Space

Former NFL Player Ken Harvey Taking Sports to New Astronomical Heights

"Many people have heard of Space Tourism, Space Commercialization and Space industrialization, but now there's Space Sportilization - the intersection of space, sports and entertainment. Ken Harvey a former four times NFL Pro Bowl Linebacker, with the Arizona Cardinals and Washington Redskins, and Allen Herbert, an Aerospace Engineer, have coined the term Space Sportilization as part of their company's offering. Their company, JAKA Consulting Group, uses sports as an entrance way into out- of- the- box thinking."



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