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Statement of Daniel S. Goldin Administrator National Aeronautics and Space Administration
before the Committee on Science House of Representatives
January 6, 1995

We've started a revolution at NASA. It's real. We have a road map for change. We've already begun.

We're downsizing. We cut our five-year budget projection by 30%. We're replacing big, expensive projects with smaller, more efficient ones. We're in the midst of a zero base review that puts everything on the table. No program is sacred. We're looking at everything NASA does.

We've stepped up to President Clinton's challenge of reinventing government. NASA has already reduced its roll by about 1500 employees, as we still have about 2,500 to go. We've chopped our Headquarters support contracts by roughly 25 percent, and our Centers had taken even deeper cuts.

The bottom line is that NASA is making fundamental changes. The result will be a NASA that does the right things, with the right number of people at the right cost. A NASA that is even more relevant to out ultimate customer: the American taxpayer.

There are three basic reasons America has a space and aeronautics program. And all of them have to do with relevance.



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