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Statement of Daniel S. Goldin
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
before the
Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics
Committee on Science
House of Representatives
March, 3, 1997

Mr. Chairman and Members of the Subcommittee.

Last spring I told this Subcommittee about the amazing year NASA had completed. I reported that NASA had requested that the Administration provide the Agency a stable budget submission for FY 1997 and that the Administration had done that. NASA's FY 1997 budget request of $13.8 billion was the same as our budget in FY 1996. We had just completed 1995--a year of upheaval for NASA. We had made a commitment to the President to identify another $4 billion of savings in FY 1997-2000 and we delivered, bringing to $40 billion the savings in NASA's multiyear budget NASA has identified for the American taxpayer. The 1995 Zero Base Review had consumed the energy and attention of the NASA workforce. But the Zero Base Review was only partly about finding budget savings. At its heart was a fundamental challenge to the NASA workforce to prepare the Agency for the next millennium. To sharpen NASA's focus on cutting edge technology. To commit NASA's Centers to becoming Centers of Excellence. To do more with less by cutting out duplication and overlaps, and ensuring that NASA's energies are directed at those things only NASA does best. Let the private sector take over those activities that they are best equipped to do, and get NASA out of the way. The Zero Base Review was the sprint. Following that extraordinary exercise, we requested that the Administration provide us stability to catch our breath, to continue the serious implementation of new ways of doing business, and to continue to fulfill our promise to the American people--to deliver astonishing science and aeronautics missions which provide history-making discoveries. The President gave us that year.



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