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Gordon Appreciates NASA Administrator's Quick Action to Safeguard Scientific Openness House Science Committee, Democratic Membership

NASA's Stated Goals Don't Match Budgetary Realities, House Science Committee, Democratic Membership

House Science Committee Debates NASA Budget, House Science Committee

Statement of NASA Administrator Griffin before the House Committee on Science

"There is no "new money" for NASA topline budget within the budget projections available given our Nation's other pressing issues, so working with the White House, NASA provided sufficient funds for the Space Shuttle and ISS programs to carry out their missions by redirecting funds from the Science and Exploration budgets."

House Science Committee Hearing Charter: NASA's FY 2007 Budget Proposal

"The proposed NASA FY07 budget differs significantly from how NASA projected it would proceed when it released its FY06 budget. There are two reasons for this. First, the FY07 proposed budget is $170 million below the level that NASA was projected to receive in FY07 in last year's budget. Second, and more significantly, NASA Administrator Mike Griffin announced at a Science Committee hearing last year that the FY06 five-year projections for the Space Shuttle were $3-5 billion below the amount actually needed to keep the Shuttle flying through 2010."

NASA Administrator Griffin to Testify on FY07 Budget Request, House Science Committee

Witness List:

- The Honorable Michael Griffin, Administrator, NASA; and
- The Honorable Shana Dale, Deputy Administrator, NASA.

Editor's note: Once again Code L's website is out of date (by several weeks) about which NASA personnel are actually testifying on Thursday.

Editor's note: 4:30 PM - Code L finally got around to updating their website. The previous update was 30 January.



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