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Editor's note: If you go to the Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs page (or the "For Policy Makers" page on and click on Congressional Testimony you will see a page that was last updated for some 11 October 2007 hearings.

Mike Griffin testified on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

Editor's update: The page was (finally) updated today. What a coincidence.

New Bill Could Provides Tax Incentives for People Investing in Space Companies, Political Action For Space

"Yesterday, Representative Dana Rohrabacher of California (Co-Sponsored by Representative Weldon) introduced H.R. 5310: To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide tax incentives for investing in companies involved in space-related activities."

In reacting to NASA's new budget, House Science and Technology Chairman Bart Gordon said:

"At first blush it unfortunately appears to be a "business-as-usual" budget that does little to address the significant challenges NASA is facing. In short, it continues the Administration's practice of underfunding the agency relative to the missions the agency has been asked to undertake. Thus, NASA's aeronautics program is kept on a downward spiral despite congressional actions to the contrary, the agency's technology programs remain in an anemic condition, and its science programs face an uncertain future as funds are shuffled from one science account to the next in order to free up funds for proposed new initiatives."



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