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Extend The Shuttle?

Glenn pushes for money to extend shuttle operations, Houston Chronicle

"The White House blueprint, Glenn said, forced NASA to "cannibalize" existing programs such as the shuttle to finance the new direction. Chris Shank, a senior official at NASA, acknowledged in a telephone interview that NASA had not received additional funding to cover the president's blueprint. NASA also had shouldered unforeseen return-to-flight costs after the loss of the shuttle Columbia on re-entry in 2003. Shank declined to discuss the agency's reaction to Glenn's appeal or apparent effort to shape the space agenda for the next administration."

John Glenn's prepared testimony

House Committee on Science and Technology Recognizes NASA's Accomplishments on 50th Anniversary

"Today, the House Committee on Science and Technology held a hearing to celebrate the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) 50th anniversary by reviewing its accomplishments and examining its future opportunities and challenges. Committee Members questioned a distinguished panel of witnesses, including Hon. John Glenn -- the first American to orbit the Earth -- regarding the most influential factors that have shaped our nation's leadership in space and Earth science, aeronautics, and human spaceflight and exploration."

AIP FYI #82: FY 2008 Appropriations Bill Update

"Fiscal Year 2009 begins two months from this Friday. Yet appropriations work on Capitol Hill has become seriously bogged down, and it now appears that it may not be until March 2009 - about six months into the new fiscal year - when the FY 2009 appropriations' cycle will be finished. ... There are additional factors leading to this impasse. The potential for confrontations and delay during floor consideration is high in areas ranging from policy to funding levels to earmarks. The Democratic leadership contends that President Bush would veto any appropriations bill sent to him, which based on last year's experience seems likely."

AIP FYI #83: Mickelson, Ride Bring STEM to the Hill

"On the subject of women in the sciences, Ride said, "the number of women are still lagging behind the number of men, particularly in physics, which is my field, and engineering." Ride noted that statistics indicate elementary school students are very interested in science, but female students somewhat less so. Explaining the importance of these figures, Ride said, "In fourth grade fully two-thirds of our kids still like science, the schools haven't beaten it out of them yet." She continued, "starting at about fifth grade, sixth grade, seventh grade, we start to loose both the boys and the girls, but we loose girls at greater numbers than boys." Ride suggested that the reason girls lose interest in science is because of the messages society sends to girls that they internalize and feel discouraged by."

Hearing: NASA at 50

Culberson apologizes for calling NASA waste of funds, Houston Chronicle

"U.S. Rep. John Culberson of Houston apologized Tuesday night for condemning NASA last week as a failure and a waste of federal money. "Every agency wastes money but NASA itself is not a waste," the Republican lawmaker said during a video conference with constituents. "These fine people, the scientists and engineers there at NASA, I certainly owe these folks an apology because that is not what I meant to say."

Culberson weighing legislation for NASA overhaul, Houston Chronicle

"There's a lot of wonderful people working there," said Culberson, "but NASA wastes a vast amount of money."

Editor's note: Gee, Culbertson was so resolute in his stance just a week ago. There was little doubt what he "meant". What caused him to back track and change his mind? Did he not mean what he said before? Does he mean what he says now? How can we tell?

Culberson weighing legislation for NASA overhaul, Houston Chronicle

"Two days after telling an online town hall meeting that NASA had "failed us miserably" and "wastes a vast amount of money," Houston Rep. John Culberson said Thursday he was weighing legislation to overhaul the structure of the space agency responsible for about 20,000 Houston-area jobs. Culberson, a blunt-spoken conservative from a heavily Republican westside district, said his proposal would slash NASA headquarter's bureaucracy and enable scientists and engineers to rekindle visionary space exploration."

Editor's note: You can Twitter Rep. Culbertson here



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