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H.R. 1105 - Omnibus Appropriations Act, 2009: NASA Excerpts

"For the closeout of all Space Shuttle contracts and associated programs, amounts that have expired but have not been cancelled in the Human Space Flight, Space Flight Capabilities, and Exploration Capabilities appropriations accounts shall remain available through fiscal year 2015 for the liquidation of valid obligations incurred during the period of fiscal year 2001 through fiscal year 2009."

"The Administrator of NASA shall, not later than February 2, 2009, submit to the appropriate committees of Congress a report that delineates by fiscal year; mission" directorate and object class the full costs necessary for Space Shuttle retirement and transition activities for fiscal years 2006 through 2015 that includes, but is not limited to, the following:

(1) the costs for environmental compliance and remediation;
(2) the gross and net proceeds from exchange sales of excess Space Shuttle equipment;
(3) the costs to maintain required facilities at Kennedy Space Center during the gap in human space flight;
(4) the costs associated 'with preservation of "historic properties;
(5) the costs of workforce transition; and (6) other costs related to Space Shuttle retirement and transition."

Lets work to keep NASA on course back to moon, opinion, Rep. Pete Olson, Houston Chronicle

"During the debate on the economic stimulus proposals in the House, many different standards were used by my colleagues to justify policies and proposals eligible for funding. But there are some standards that are universally accepted as ones worthy of government investment: Does it advance our national interests, does it create jobs and does it serve as a worthwhile investment both in time, energy and resources? Our nations space program meets these criteria. It has throughout its rich history and, based on current and scheduled missions, it will in the future. The debate across our government generally, and frankly within NASA specifically, about funding priorities is a good one. A blank check, especially written by the government, is not a good management incentive for innovation in my opinion."

NASA Stimulus Fund Update

NASA Development money could go toward Ares rocket, Hunstville Times

"From what I understand with past budgets, NASA's exploration budget generally goes to development and since Ares is part of the new program development and it is one that is behind and in need, then the money would probably go to it" and the Orion crew capsule and a lunar lander, said Keith Cowing, who runs the space agency watchdog Web site Cowing said the language did not exclude using the money for shuttle missions, either. "That's probably not likely, but it is not forbidden," he said."

NASA to get $1 billion in stimulus, Orlando Sentinel

"At the moment, the $400 million in NASA exploration funds likely would go toward the Constellation program, a new system of rockets and capsules that NASA has designed to replace the space shuttle and return American astronauts to the moon by 2020."


$1 billion as follows:

$400M - Sciences
$400M - Exploration
$150M - Aeronautics
$50M - Cross Agency Support
$2M - IG

The accompanying conference report -

Requires a spending plan be submitted to Congress within 60 days of enactment, to be signed (by the yet unnamed) Administrator

Sciences ($400M) to remain available until Sept. 30, 2010. Funding to be used to accelerate Earth Sciences Decadal missions (climate change), and to increase the agency's supercomputing capabilities.

No breakout between the two activities. The House bill stipulated that at least $250M shall be for Earth Sciences.

Aeronautics ($150M), to remain available until Sept. 30, 2010. For aviation safety, environmental impact mitigation, and NextGen.

Exporation ($400M), to remain available until Sept. 30, 2010. For "exploration." No other guidance.

Cross Agency Support ($50M), to remain available until Sept. 30, 2010. "NASA shall give its highest priority to restore NASA-owned facilities damaged during hurricanes (Hurricanes Ike and Gustav) and other natural disasters during CY 2008."

Inspector General ($2M), to remain available until Sept. 30, 2013.


1:00 - 2:00 p.m. Conference Report to ( H.R. 1 - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Reps. Obey/Rangel/ Waxman Appropriations) (Subject to a Rule)"

Congress Reaches Deal on Stimulus Plan, NY Times

"Senate and House leaders announced Wednesday evening that they had reached agreement on a $789 billion economic stimulus bill, clearing the way for final Congressional action and President Obamas signature, perhaps by the end of the week."

Senate passes $838B stimulus, The Hill

"Senate Democrats passed an $838 billion stimulus package on Tuesday with support from three Republicans, advancing President Obamas core economic policy objective that now must be reconciled with the House."



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