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Cigar Smokers Resist Possible FDA Rules, Reuters

"Legislation sponsored by Republican Representative Bill Posey and Democratic Senator Bill Nelson would carve out from the 2009 law an exception for "traditional large and premium cigars." That would include those wrapped in leaf tobacco with no filter and weighing "at least six pounds per 1,000 count." The language is too imprecise for health advocates, who say it allows for candy-flavored cigars if they are large enough, for example."

Keith's note: The next time you stop to ponder whether Florida's congressional delegation is spending sufficient time focusing on things such as space, not raising your taxes, etc., just remember what Sen. Nelson, Rep. Posey think is worth their time: protecting the rights of "traditional large and premium" cigar smokers.

NASA Faces Further Cuts in Last-minute Spending Package, Space News

"NASA stands to lose an additional $325 million under the omnibus spending package headed to the U.S. Senate for a final vote. A disaster relief bill the House approved Dec. 16 along with the 2012 Final Consolidated Appropriations Bill (H.R. 2055) includes a 1.83 percent across-the-board cut for all nondefense related discretionary spending, including NASA .... "The rescission does apply to us," NASA spokesman Michael Cabbage said Dec. 16. "We estimate the cut would take us to around $17.4 billion."

Senate approves disaster relief without House pay-for, The Hill

"The pay-for resolution, H.Con.Res. 94, was defeated 43-56, and would have amended the emergency relief bill by making an across-the-board 1.83 percent cut to most discretionary spending accounts in 2012."

NASA Unaffected by Potential Government Shutdown

"You may have already heard talk of a potential government shutdown that could happen at the end of this week. Although government agencies are preparing for that possibility, NASA will not shut down because our fiscal year 2012 appropriations bill has been approved. Your work schedule and pay will generally continue as usual. While NASA's funding legislation has been approved, the debate continues on Capitol Hill on appropriation bills for many other Federal agencies as well as pending measures to extend the payroll tax cut and Unemployment Insurance benefits."

NASA cost, denial key to saving space program, Florida Today

"Perhaps the single biggest threat to the nation's space program in the next decade is the repeated, rampant multi-billion dollar cost overruns that plague big NASA projects. The senior leaders of NASA and its big contractors repeatedly deliver projects billions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule. And to add insult to taxpayers' injury, they revise history to obscure the truth. The James Webb Space Telescope, the scientifically important successor to Hubble Space Telescope, is going to somehow get support from Congress despite its explosive price tag, well documented mismanagement and half-decade launch delay."

Keith's note: "Rampant multi-billion dollar cost overruns"? Hmmm ... Sounds like Constellation to me - and what SLS risks becoming given the murkiness regarding NASA's support and inadequate budgetary resources. But wait - CxP and SLS = jobs for Florida Today readers. As such, only Webb Space Telescope is painted as a threat in this regard - not SLS.

- Large NASA Programs: Located In Florida = "Jobs", Out of State = "Boondoggle, Pork", earlier post
- Florida: No Space Pork Here - Only In Virginia, earlier post
- NASA Money Sponge Update, earlier post

Panel Discussion: U.S. Leadership in Astronomy: Space Telescopes Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

"Featuring: Eric Smith, NASA Headquarters, Dr. John Grunsfeld, Deputy Director of the Space Telescope Science Institute, Dr. Meg Urry, Yale University, and Pam Whitney, House Committee on Science & Technology (invited)."

House Science, Space & Tech Committee Hearing - Assessing the James Webb Space Telescope

- [Statement] Rick Howard, Program Manager, James Webb Space Telescope, NASA,
- [Statement] Roger Blandford, Professor of Physics, Stanford University,
- [Statement] Garth Illingworth, Professor & Astronomer, UCO/Lick Observatory, University of California, Santa Cruz,
- [Statement] Jeffrey D. Grant, Sector Vice President & General Manager, Space Systems Division, Northrup Grumman Aerospace Systems"

Keith's note: As the STA luncheon on Capitol Hill was starting up today, Ken Monroe, a staffer on the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee sat next to me. His first words to me were "I really do not appreciate the way you attacked me - especially since we have never met before." I suggested that he "grow some thicker skin". I would not normally post an incident this, but you may recall that Ken Monroe is the person who referred to people at NASA (many of whom he has probably never met) as "idiots" on a Twitter post. Pot Kettle Black. Someone needs to develop thicker skin.

I guess that this earlier post "Congressional Staffer Ken Monroe Thinks That NASA Is "Run By Idiots"" is what Monroe considers to be an "attack" by me - wherein I take issue with his totally unprofessional comments about NASA management.



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