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Sen. Coburn: "Washington is set to spend at least $3.6 trillion this year while running a $1.3 trillion deficit. The waste is overflowing and it's time to take out the trash. This coming Tuesday, October 16, we'll be releasing our annual Wastebook 2012 edition."

Download link (Now online)

Keith's note: This year's cover includes the Planet Mars and Darth Vader.

Senator Tom Coburn's Annual Waste Book 2012 - NASA Excerpts

"Imagine pizza so out of this world, you would have to travel to Mars to have a slice. That is the goal of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) Advanced Food Technology Project, which has already developed a recipe for pizza and about 100 other foods that could be served some day on Mars. Of course, NASA no longer has a manned spaced fleet and no current mission plans for human space flight to Mars, but some are hopeful a trip to the red planet could possibly be taken in the mid-2030s at the earliest. Even this goal is optimistic, however, due to budget constraints that have reduced the appetite for costly space missions. Yet, NASA spends about $1 million annually "researching and building the Mars menu."This year, NASA also awarded $947,000 to researchers at Cornell University and the University of Hawaii to study the best food for astronauts to eat on Mars."

Science From Hell, Seth Shostak via Huffington post

"Here's an idea you probably haven't considered. Astronomer Edwin Hubble, who first discovered the expansion of the universe, was part of a devilish plan. Measurements of nearby galaxies suggesting that the cosmos began with an explosive event -- what we now call the Big Bang -- were a conspiracy to ensure that you don't yearn for spiritual salvation.


No, really. This is the claim of Paul Broun, a Republican representative from Georgia ... here's the zinger: Broun sits on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology."



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