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Interim Assessment of NASA Culture Change, BST (PDF)

Editor's note: BST just put out another one of its reports about culture change at NASA. You would think that if this document is so full of rich lessons and observations that should be shared, that the document would be designed to allow people to copy important sections and share them with others - and that reporters would be able to easily extract and quote relevant sections. But no. The PDF document is set up such that you cannot cut and copy any text. The only way to extract text from this document is to retype it by hand. Otherwise, you have to forward the entire document to people and tell them what page(s) to read. I am not certain if BST was really thinking clearly when it published this document. Instead of facilitating the dissemination of its results, they have, instead, hampered their dissemination.

Update: A new version of the BST report is online here which allows you to copy text out of the document - the way BST should have presented this document in the first place.



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