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Nostalgic for NASA of old, Daily Press

"Reminiscing sometimes paints a dream that things were not only better than today but better than they actually were. Listening to reflections and concerns from NASA Langley retirees can convince you that their reality was both. Things they remember: Teamwork, instead of animosity among departments. Bosses who mentored and gave subordinates plenty of space to do their jobs. Looking forward to going to the office every day."

At Los Alamos, Blogging Their Discontent, NY Times

"A blog rebellion among scientists and engineers at Los Alamos, the federal government's premier nuclear weapons laboratory, is threatening to end the tenure of its director, G. Peter Nanos. Four months of jeers, denunciations and defenses of Dr. Nanos's management recently culminated in dozens of signed and anonymous messages concluding that his days were numbered. The postings to a public Web log conveyed a mood of self-congratulation tempered with sober discussion of what comes next."

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