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NASA Internal Memo: Leadership Initiative to Continue at LaRC

"Although the Agency has decided to phase out the involvement of the consultant Behavior Sciences Technology (BST) in NASA leadership development activities, the culture change effort and focus on improving our leadership practices at Langley will continue."

Urban Myths at NASA

'Space nut' DeLay advises group how to lobby NASA, Houston Chronicle

"NASA has done a whole lot more than invent Tang," said Rep. Ted Poe, R-Humble, who also addressed the gathering. "Many people forget if aren't directly involved in" the space industry."

NASA JSC Reader note: "It's great that NASA has space nuts like Rep. DeLay and Rep. Poe supporting us, but it would be nice if they got their facts straight before advocating for us.NASA didn't invent Tang. We didn't invent Teflon or Velcro either."

Editor's note: Of course it would never occur to Legislative Affairs or PAO to correct these glaring misconceptions that members of Congress seem to suffer from.

How To Avoid Bad News

NASA cancels $10 million culture change contract, Government Executive

"The culture change initiative was prompted by the Columbia accident investigation. An official report on the accident, released in August 2003, decried NASA management's unwillingness to hear bad news and said a lack of upward communication contributed to the orbiter crash."

Editor's note: One quick way to avoid hearing bads news about internal NASA processes is to cancel the contract of a company which may be relaying the bad news in the first place. When NASA starts to rely on its own internal, self-managed mechanisms to gauge how things are going in terms of employee attitudes, management culture, etc. - well ... we all know what inevitably happens. Its like breathing your own exhaust.

Then again, NASA went to the moon in the 1960's without any of this external socio/psychoanalysis. Stay tuned.

BST Contract

Editor's note: The contract that NASA has with Behavioral Sciences Technology (BST) to monitor NASA culture - and recommend changes - is being terminated effective the end of June 2005.



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