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NASA has to fight the forgetting, commetary, Jim Oberg, MSNBC

"If we accept the "inevitability" of the disaster, and of the Challenger and Columbia tragedies that followed (and are also memorialized now in a three-for-one NASA observance), and if we congratulate ourselves for "how much the sacrifices taught us," we are ducking a fearsome responsibility. It is this: We should have known already, and people should not have had to die to remind us. The later disasters were not "accidents," random and unavoidable they were consequences of complacency and carelessness."

Ask the Administrator

Editor's note: This memo is being sent out by each center to its employees. In this case, I hope LaRC PAO's Mike Finneran, producer of the smash hit video on YouTube, suggests that employees also be able to submit their own videos to InsideNASA as well!

To: (All Employees at Langley Research Center) From: "Michael Finneran, Head, PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICE" Subject: Ask the Administrator Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 - Ask the Administrator on the InsideNASA Web site

A new "Ask a Question" feature is now available to NASA employees in the "Administrator's Corner" on the InsideNASA Web site at:



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