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NASA's Second Life

Virtual-space gurus build final frontier, MSNBC

"NASA is serious about using Second Life as a frontier for collaboration and technology, said Jessy Cowan-Sharp (a.k.a. DragonFire Kelly) of Ames Research Center. "If you look at the functionality of Second Life, it's really just a set of tools that you can do whatever you want with," she told "There's so much more going on with Second Life than games.""

What (do you think) is Humanity's Greatest Challenge?, Zannel

"The X PRIZE Foundation is always looking for new ideas around what people consider to be the largest, most challenging issues facing humankind today, and this is our "soap box" for you to be heard. Tell us what grand challenges you think the world ought to be thinking about. And while we're interested in the opinions of individuals, we're also interested in the opinions of the group. An X PRIZE committee will review the videos that receive the most votes to determine a winner."

Actress, Best-Selling Astrophysicist Cast Spotlight on Honorees at Space Technology Hall of Fame Dinner

"Actress Jolene Blalock will join forces with renowned astrophysicist and New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson in honoring the 19th set of inductees into the Space Technology Hall of Fame. ... From 2001 - 2005 Blalock played Commander T'Pol on Star Trek: Enterprise and had a recurring role on Stargate SG-1 as Ishta in 2003 & 2004."

Editor's note: Just invite a smart, funny scientist and a sexy vulcan to speak. Mike Griffin will be in heaven. Yes, that's STS-116's "Beamer" with T'Pol - enlarge



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