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Additional Speakers Confirm for 24th National Space Symposium

"Actress Jolene Blalock, known for her role as Commander T'Pol on Star Trek: Enterprise, has also committed to serve as special guest award presenter for the Space Technology Hall of Fame Private Induction Ceremony and special guest master of ceremonies for the Space Technology Hall of Fame Dinner, on Thursday, April 10."

NASA Culture Survey

NASA 2007 Culture Survey

"The analysis of the 2007 NASA Culture Survey (NCS) results was part of a broader study that included focus groups, center assessments, literature searches and the additional comments provided by survey respondents. The overall findings were presented at a Senior Management Council in January 2008, and a determination was made that more can be expected across our organization regarding open communications and organizational support in getting the job done."

Arthur C. Clarke Has Died

National Space Society Statement on Arthur C. Clarke's Legacy

NASA Statement on the Death of Arthur C. Clarke

Sir Arthur C. Clarke Has Died, Marc Boucher, Space Elevator Reference

"It is with a heavy heart I write that Sir Arthur C. Clarke has died. He died early Wednesday at a hospital in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I had the privilege to meet Sir Arthur in 1997 in Sri Lanka, his home of 52 years. His creative mind inspired many people including myself. He will be missed but his creativity will live on through the people he inspired."

Sir Arthur C. Clarke Has Died, Keith Cowing, SpaceRef

"Noted author and visionary Sir Arthur C. Clarke has died at age of 90 in Sri Lanka. I am not even certain where to begin to describe just how profoundly this man's writing affected me as a child - and as an adult."

Arthur C. Clarke, Wikipedia

The Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse, SpaceRef

Video (below): Sir Arthur Clarke Speaks on his 90th Birthday, December 2007



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