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Overview Institute

Astronauts, scientists, cultural thought leaders to announce formation of the Overview Institute

"More than 20 renowned experts in the fields of space, science, media, and humanitarian services have joined forces to raise public awareness of the Overview Effect, a term used to describe the experience astronauts have when seeing Earth firsthand from outer space, and the resulting sense of unification that is brought on by this unique perspective."

At NASA and Nightclubs, Stars Align for DJ Scientific, Washington Post

"By day, NASA aerospace engineer Mark Branch supervises electromagnetic compatibility and susceptibility tests on instruments for the Hubble Space Telescope. At night and on weekends, he becomes DJ Scientific, trading in his spectrum analyzers and oscilloscopes for a microphone, turntables and a mixer as he cranks hip-hop tunes at some of the Washington area's hottest clubs as well as at NFL and NBA events."

More from Mark's website, ScientificBeats (below):

Reader note: I came across this write-up at KSC and thought a lot of your readers would get a chuckle out of it. Just another way to state the obvious ...

Integrated Problem Reporting and Corrective Action (iPRACA)

"Issue Title: Tile inadvertently damaged by inelastic collision with terra firma following uncontrolled descent"



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