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From "Iowa Mom": I wanted to update your "One Convert At A Time" June 2nd story:

As the mom of one of the "3 Iowa Boys" staying in the Marriott hotel last week, I have to tell you how wonderful everyone from NASA was to these boys. When we put up the "We love NASA" sign we thought that maybe, if we were lucky, someone would put up a sign back to the boys and end of story. To arrive in our hotel room and find a package left by NASA amazed and thrilled my sister, all 3 boys and myself.

Later that day we went to visit NASA's gift shop, only to discover it had closed for the day. An employee, Mike Chambers, saw us standing there and told us to wait there. He came back several minutes later with a few more things for the boys. He also suggested we come back the next day and visit the library. He gave us his name and office phone number in case we had trouble visiting the library.

Keith's note: Visitors across the street from NASA Headquarters thought enough to say hello to their temporary neighbors today. According to "The view of the Marriott across the street from HQ. We took the family some NASA patches, pins, books, etc. They put up a "thanks" note later. Novel approach. It worked! :-)"

As Sean O'Keefe often used to muse in such situations, paraphrasing his Jesuit schooling: "one convert at a time".

Hey "Iowa". That's where James T. Kirk is (will be) from ....

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New Vuitton Ad Campaign: The Right Stuff?, WS Journal

"The French luxury brand Louis Vuitton plans to announce today a high-profile new ad campaign featuring 79-year-old astronaut Buzz Aldrin and fellow space travellers Sally Ride and Jim Lovell. Aldrin walked on the moon in 1969. Now he and the others will appear in photos shot by Annie Leibovitz, sitting on the hood of a battered pickup truck, gazing wistfully at the stars as the wind blows through their hair. In a video, they are sitting in the California desert, talking about how space changed their lives."



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