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Keith's note: Lori Garver and Charlie Bolden made their first Field Center visit on Wednesday - to Langley. Does anyone from LaRC have feedback they'd like to share? Don't be shy.

Mike Griffin Reveals His Commercialization Vision for NASA: Part 2, SpaceRef

"Mike Griffin: Well, with regard to feelings: I don't do feelings. Just think of me as Spock." [audio]

NASA's Charlie Bolden Gets Verklempt, Washington Post

"Over the course of 35 minutes of remarks -- which he admitted should have lasted for about five -- Bolden's voice broke and tears welled up at least five times. "I cry because my dad cried," he explained. "He taught me how to cry. He was my high school football coach. He expressed to me, and everyone else he coached, to have something you're passionate about." NASA became his passion, he said, even though he admitted, "I never dreamed of being an astronaut. I definitely didn't dream of being administrator."

Comment by Lori Garver during yesterday's employee briefing: "Feelings are back at NASA".

Let's Not Bother With Space, Gawker

"On this, the 40th Anniversary of the day Mankind conquered the moon, it is time to issue another clarion call for this generation: fuck Mars, let's focus our attention here, for now. What the hell do we have to show for manned space exploration besides neat pictures and a brief feeling of patriotic goodwill in the middle of Vietnam? Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong are demanding that Obama send men to Mars, ASAP, because... why? Because they had a blast on the moon and wouldn't want future generations to miss out on space-golf?"

Keith's note: has a new take on motivational posters - with an Apollo theme.

Whoopi Goldberg Entertains Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories, Real Clear Politics

"Whoopi Goldberg questioned the original moon landing on today's edition of "The View." Goldberg, a co-host, wondered who shot the footage and why the flag was "rippling" if there was no wind."

Keith's note: Watch the video. Is she kidding or just clueless?

NASA Hints It's Found Missing Moon-Landing Videotapes, Fox

"The story, as summarized by Britain's Sunday Express newspaper in late June, was that the tapes had been found in a storage facility in the basement of a building on a university campus in Perth, Australia. Monday's statement appeared to confirm that report, stating that the footage comes from what is "believed to be the best available broadcast-format copies of the lunar excursion, some of which had been locked away for nearly 40 years."

Vocal Minority Insists It Was All Smoke and Mirrors, NY Times

"Mr. Sibrel, who sells his films online, has hounded Apollo astronauts with a Bible, insisting that they swear on camera they had walked on the Moon. He so annoyed Buzz Aldrin in 2002 -- ambushing him with his Bible and calling him "a coward, and a liar, and a thief" -- that Mr. Aldrin punched Mr. Sibrel in the face. Law enforcement officials refused to file charges against Mr. Aldrin, the second man on the Moon. In an interview, Mr. Sibrel said that his efforts to prove that men never walked on the Moon has cost him dearly. "I have suffered only persecution and financial loss," he said. "I've lost visitation with my son. I've been expelled from churches. All because I believe the Moon landings are fraudulent."

Apollo 11 Moon landing: conspiracy theories debunked, The Telegraph

"2) No stars are visible in the pictures taken by the Apollo astronauts from the surface of the Moon. The Apollo landing takes place during lunar mornings, with the Sun shining brightly. Exposure time on the cameras is set very rapid so as not to let in too much light and obscure detail. The stars, whilst being visible to the naked eye on the Moon, are not bright enough to be captured in the photographs."

Keith's note: Tired of opening up the door to your dorm room? Use hydraulics! And control it with your iPhone! This guy clearly wants to work for NASA (note the prominent NASA logo placement). Maybe he can invent those whooshing sliding doors they will use on Star Trek.

Administrative change to New Frontiers 2009 AO (NNH09ZDA007O)

"An administrative change is being made to the Announcement of Opportunity (AO) for New Frontiers 2009 (NNH09ZDA007O). 90 copies of the proposal are required to be submitted. The proposal due date and all other requirements remain unchanged. Requirement 86 on page 46 now reads: "Requirement 86. The original signed proposal and 90 paper copies, each of which contains an attached, clearly labeled CD-ROM that contains electronic proposal files (see Appendix B), shall be delivered to the following address by the proposal submittal deadline specified in Section 3."

Keith's note: This would be hilarious if it was not so stupid. NASA asks for an electronic copy of a proposal and then tells the submitters to leave a large carbon footprint and ship 90 paper copies of the proposal as well. Why not just use the CD and print them out at HQ? Oh wait, printing uses up trees. Why not just send copies of the CD to reviewers? If no one is going to use the electronic version then why ask for the CD in the first place? Hmm - is this the same process that SMD Earth Science proposals will follow? Al Gore certainly won't be happy ...

Beam me up Wayne

Wayne Hale's NASA Blog: Real Life is Not Like Star Trek (with a larger image of Wayne on the bridge)

"For my birthday, my son and fellow Star Trek aficionado gave me some DVDs with the old TV series. Needless to say, I have made a lengthy review of the subject lasting far into the evenings over the last week or so. As a fictional future, Star Trek set a high standard: there was always in interesting planet to explore, every week there was a challenging interpersonal (interspecies?!) relationship to develop, the good guys always won, camaraderie reigned supreme. Even logic and reason, while important, were shown to be inferior to human intuition and compassion. Every episode left you with the feeling that things just would just get better and better. What an exciting, upbeat, pleasantly challenging universe we would encounter in the future! Pop culture was profoundly affected: "Beam me up Scotty!"



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