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Cosmonauts Take Olympic Torch on a Space Walk

"Two Russian cosmonauts clad in Orlan spacesuits conducted an out-of-this-world hand-off of the Olympic torch at the start of Saturday's 5-hour, 50-minute spacewalk to perform maintenance on the International Space Station."

Sending Olympic Torch to Space, Russia Flaunts Inspiration Superiority (Op-Ed), Leroy Chiao,

"Over the last month, the blockbuster films "Gravity" and "Ender's Game" have generated more popular interest in spaceflight than actual missions currently flying. There are many reasons for this, and Americans should not lament those reasons, but understand and embrace them, and create strategies to exploit them. Strictly speaking, as part of the federal government, NASA is not allowed to advertise, but one wonders if the envelope could be stretched a bit. "

NASA's Confused Policy on Advertising, earlier post

"I have lost count how many times people at NASA have told me that they cannot self-promote, advertise, lobby, or otherwise try to use standard marketing tools to inform the public of the things that they do. They always cite dire Congressional prohibitions against such activities. Then they go off and totally violate these prohibitions with advertising procurements such as this one. I am not certain that they actually know what it is they are allowed or not allowed to do and just throw this answer out when they do not want to do something."

Keith's note: It would seem that Lady Gaga was on the YouTube music awards last night and was behaving oddly (even for her). If you watch the video of her performance you can clearly see that she is wearing a baseball cap with a NASA "meatball" logo on it - except instead of "N-A-S-A" it spells out "D-O-P-E". I have no idea if this means anything. But she does sell millions of records.

You can buy this merchandise at

Lady Gaga to Sing in Space in 2015, US

"No one ever said she was down-to-earth! In early 2015, Lady Gaga will become the first artist to sing in outer space, Us Weekly can exclusively reveal. The "Dope" performer, 27, is set to blast off in a Virgin Galactic ship and belt out a single track during the Zero G Colony high-tech musical festival in New Mexico."

Keith's update: I guess Gaga missed Chris Hadfield's performance in space earlier this year.

Can Gravity's Thrills Inspire Viewers To Reinvest In NASA?, Forbes

"Despite the popularity of films like "Gravity," public interest in NASA and space travel appears to be in hibernation. Although movie crews are inventing new technology to explore space on the big screen, Americans' real-life space program continues to languish. With an estimated budget of $100 million, a multi-year production schedule (it took four and a half years to complete), and minimal interference from Warner Bros., the making of "Gravity" serves as something of a microcosm for what it takes to explore space in the real world: vision, commitment, and a lot of financial backing."

Keith's note: It certainly would be nice if there was a boost from the public after seeing "Gravity" for NASA funding. But is giving NASA more money the only option? Private sector initiatives are becoming more bold and commercial options are increasingly capable.

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