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More NPOESS Woes

Editor's update: Word has it that the Cross-track Infrared Sounder (CrIS) instrument scheduled to fly on the NPOESS Preparatory Project was broken while undergoing vibration testing yesterday.

Rep. Gordon Seeks Answers on NOAA's Cover-Up of Hurricane Report

"U.S. House Committee on Science Ranking Member Rep. Bart Gordon today asked the NOAA Administrator for all documentation relating to the suppression of a NOAA Hurricane FAQ report. A Nature report last week noted that scientists at NOAA had composed a consensus statement on factors contributing to the more intense and more frequent hurricanes that have occurred in recent years. Among the factors mentioned in that report is the impact of global warming. Nature reported that the chair of the NOAA panel charged with composing that report received directions from an unnamed Commerce Department official that the report was not to be released."

Senator Inhofe and CNN Anchor in Heated Exchange over Global Warming Coverage, Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works

"O'BRIEN: The concern, of course, is ice that goes into the water, because ultimately that is what leads to -- from the land to the water -- leads to a rise in sea levels. And that's the big concern. And that's what they're talking about here. You dont discount that?

INHOFE: Well, yes, I do discount that, because in some areas you might find that the sea level is rising, not in other areas."

Editor's note: HUH? Perhaps the Senator can explain how sea levels rise in some areas but not others given that all the world's oceans are actually one large body of water. This is Physics 101. When you add more water to the sea the mean sea level rises. The ancient Greeks had this all figured out thousands of years ago.

I have seen a lot of silly things in this town in the past 20 years - but I have never seen an elected official offer such vapid, contradictory, and evasive responses - responses that evidence a complete lack of knowledge about the topic he is trying to argue - than does Sen. Inhofe in this series of exchanges and rants.

Editor's note: One reader writes: "Sealevel" is not the same around the world...So while Senator Inhofe wasn't quite right, neither was your critique...for full explanation, consult

My response: "If you increase the total amount of water the levels will rise everywhere. It may rise more in some areas than others due to the factors cited on this page - but it will rise everywhere. Imhof said it might not rise in some locations."

If you look at Imhof's responses he dodges many of them by trying to disparage people's political viewpoints or motives (i.e. McCain, Boehlert etc.) - and not by using facts. Here is one example:



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